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“We will support this new president”

-Ambassador Greenfield

By Lewis S Teh

Former United States Ambassador to Liberia, Amb. Linda Thomas Greenfield says the United States remains firm in its support to Liberia, adding that the administration of President-Elect Ambassador Joseph N Boakai is no exception.

” The United States has always supported Liberia from previous administration to the current Biden administration. Our support to Liberia remains unwavering.”

Ambassador Greenfield told a team of reporters on Sunday, January 21, 2024, at the First Baptist Church on Ashmum Street in Central Monrovia after her arrival here.

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Following a brief meeting held with church leaders including the president of the Liberia Council of Churches or LCC, Amb. Greenfield says the United States government has no intentions to halt support to Liberia.

She recalled the support provided by the United States government during the deadliest Ebola virus and the most recent COVID-19 virus which claimed more lives.

“The United States has always supported Liberia not just in this administration but even in Liberia’s worst days during war, Ebola we have been here for Liberia, and we intend to be here for Liberia under this new president,” she adds.

“Liberia made history in this region to have a peaceful transition of power that is a great idea for this country, and we want to continue to support Liberia.”

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The United States envoy described her coming to Liberia as coming home, saying I was here in 1978, 2008, and now I’m back here. It’s always a pleasure to come to Liberia, I call it coming home.

She said the expectations of the United States have always been for the country to move forward, consolidate democracy, support the people of Liberia, and ensure stability and economic growth.

Meanwhile, the president of the Liberia Council of Churches or LCC Dr. Samuel Reeves extolled the United States delegation for the visit.

He said the election of Amb. Boakai is a new time in the history of the country looking at where the country has come from. He said receiving the delegation from the United States government headed by Amb. Greenfield is a welcoming sign.

” To see Amb. Greenfield being sent here by President Joe Biden is a new sign and as such the church was glad to have received her.”

This is a new time for the church to work in partnership and collaboration with the government to deal with some of the challenges facing the country.

” Our expectation from this government is that we hope they will live to their promises and better the lives of citizens.”

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  1. This is a beautiful message from the heart. I believe that Liberians are ready to see their country move forward and will do whatever it takes to get there. I still believe that Liberians need to learn a lot in terms of events, the weather and handling international dignitaries. America may have issues in terms of our past, but Liberians are more responsible for the continuation of the downfall of our progress. This is a new day for Liberians and Liberia and we look forward to a brighter future for all Liberians.

  2. Revera of a political clash Reeves is apt to now note the power of the podium on par with that of the pulpit. He, prior to acquiring his present position in the Baptist denomination, attempted to be a vice president to Joseph M. Jones of Sinoe when Mills was running. A slap in the face from the pulpit made him to note the separation of the Church and the State, while trying to serve two Masters against the will of the scripture of the all mighty. No longer should a pastor of a Church get in politicking, especially the Cornerstone of the Nation, seeking filthy lucre. 1st Timothy 3.

  3. Her last name being associated with the history of constitutional Liberia, Linda Thomas – Greenfield remains to answer Liberia. Regardless her status in the United States of America, she must not know yet who own this land on the west coast of Africa. Not every Liberian needs to be American. Vis-a-vis. Why would she lean more to slave sellers or their masters? Why would she prefer the country man than we who are cleaning the wound left by the fight? Etc…..

  4. It is in place to mention that the U.S. will continue to support Liberia’s efforts, but might be more to the trajectory of the urban. Particularly Lofa where she spent the luck of her earlier favorite days in Liberia. She also showed, when was U.S.Ambassador, regarded urban men and women her more favorites while she frowned at her own as homeless meaning that the country women and men had more entitlement to national identity. Ab-ad to steering up the the natives and settlers conflict that was long ago during the late 1820s as a “you too late in Monrovia” issue that ignited M. Newport’s pipe. She might be graced by the hinterland as her home, since she rather be on the natives side or friendly with them, but to get a Liberian like me to accept her as a now Capital city affiliate is long to be believed base on arrogance, bias, and the class she has put us in, in her own land she now heads the delegation to Liberia’s inauguration. Some of the Liberian Children might like her still, yet stance on the Ukraine and Russia conflicts with those who feel that a no man’s land or no fly zoon should be established to halt this war. As an example of our civil war, a faction cannot solve a conflict when this faction is also involved in the fight or a supplier of weapons. As a consequence some of Liberia is decided on this issue of Russia Vs Ukraine. A group of Easterners without an undecided zoon will eventually become anti-western again as the Soviet Union under a new or another numucliture. For this reason they feel it is a white concern and should not tamper with societal black

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