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Weah has no option

–Dr. Whapoe predicts incumbent's removal

Presidential aspirant Dr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe says President George Manneh Weah is seriously worried and has no option because his exit from the Executive Mansion is certain.

The opposition Vision for Liberia Transformation party (VOLT) leader said President Weah will be removed from office through the ballot because he has failed to meet Liberians’ expectations.

“Let me tell you the truth, President Weah has no option [for] his exit. This man will be removed from office because he has failed the expectations of the Liberian people,” he told citizens in Nimba recently.

Dr. Whapoe told citizens that Mr. Weah will exit the Executive Mansion due to the alleged uncomfortable wave of corruption, bad governance, and mysterious disappearances of peaceful citizens.

The opposition VOLT standard bearer met with a cross session of women groups in Nimba County under the banner Women United for Progress recently.

He told the group that President Weah has performed dismally over the last five years.

Whapoe alleged that President Weah’s administration is only known for pain and hardship.

“The only thing this administration will be and can be remembered for is their uncomfortable corruption, massive abuse of power, and ritualistic killing and disappearance of our peaceful citizens,” Dr. Whapoe alleged.

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He informed the group in Nimba that he has registered to contest for the Liberian presidency again to transform Liberia through agriculture to defeat poverty and corruption. He said he wants all Liberians to become self-reliant.

Dr. extolled the women for the establishment of the organization, saying that Liberians’ redemption needs the collective efforts of all Liberians.

“I want to thank you for this organization. I honored your invitation to come here today because I need everyone’s … efforts for us to remove this government,” he stated. 

“I also want to let you know that I have registered to contest as President and so on October 10 elections, I will be on the ballot to transform Liberia for the betterment of every one of you,” he said.

Speaking earlier, the chair lady of the organization Madam Rebecca Zouweh said that they have decided to come together as women to have one voice.

She said they want to attract unity and togetherness as well as development.

“We came together so as to foster peace, unity, togetherness and as well as development for us during this period,” she said. 

She told Dr. Whapoe in the pending elections, they want to evaluate their candidates to establish if the aspirants are in the people’s interest. 

“The future of our children to have access to better healthcare, school, and quality education can’t be compromised. Therefore, we want to do this to help our future,” she concluded.

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