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Weah pledges to leave lasting legacy

By: Emmanuel wise Jipoh 

President George Manneh Weah tells cheering supporters here that his second term bid is to enable him build a lasting legacy that will stick in the memory of Liberians, even after he shall have left power.

Mr. Weah says Liberians will forever remember his developmental achievements, describing himself as a developmental President, who came, saw, and conquered.

Speaking on a wet Tuesday, 08 August he irritated his endeavor to rebuild Liberia to the fullest of his abilities while rallying Liberians to remain under his Presidency, and together, they will work collectively to build a better nation.

The President cautions supporters to reject those he called ‘fake politicians’, who he says have come only to fool them by saying he (President Weah) does not know anything but quickly counters that he has done something better than those who know something and have done nothing for them over the years.

He lashes at his main rival former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai, for spending 60 years in government and doing nothing for the people.

The incumbent brags about his tangibles, adding that he has done much for Liberia during five years in office as President, building the future of the young people, for a better Liberia tomorrow, while referring to himself as the future of the younger generation, and if they are kept under his leadership, Liberia will prosper more for everyone to enjoy.

“Let us keep our legacy; let’s take our second term to finish our work so that we will leave a legacy behind that you will have as a memory. “Don’t let them fool you that they are coming to rescue you. Rescue what? Unprecedented developments, free tuition, more hospitals, and roads; what are they coming to fix? Don’t let them fool you; they are all evil gainers.”

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Turning to the youth, Mr. Weah continued: “Young people this is your time; this is our time; if you cannot trust anyone, you can trust me. I’m your developmental President and under my administration, you see we have democracy and freedom of speech, where everyone can have their opinion, and be free to say anything they want without torture and intimidation. I’m the pillar of democracy and you can vote for me. Vote No. 18 on the ballot paper.”

Meanwhile, the President’s first campaign rally created heavy human and vehicular traffic in Sinkor and around Monrovia as he and his supporters took the streets draped in blue, the official color of his ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, seeking a second mandate from the Liberian people.

CDC campaign chairman Lenn Eugene Nagbe lauds faithful supporters for turning out despite heavy downpours, urging them not to be carried away by rhetoric from the opposition, but to vote President Weah in a one-round victory for a better Liberia.

Nagbe says the future of young people rests in the hands of President Weah, and if he’s reelected, they are going to keep feeling and experiencing unprecedented developments under the CDC-led administration. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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