Weah’s challenge to officials

Officials of the Weah administration seem to be living deceitful lives with their people, disappointing the President each time he tours the country. Recently in Grand Cape County President Weah frowned at Senator Varney Sherman and other lawmakers of the county for not having a home or a place to host official delegation in the county they represent.

Now in Grand Bassa County, President Weah was not just disappointed but physically upset with county officials, including supreintendent and lawmkers, who were elegantly attired, for hosting him in an unkept town hall during a meeting with citizens.The President faced the unpleasant expereince as he ended the third leg of his nationwide tour.

Mr. Weah: “Look at this, look at this, look at this, look around you, look at this and look at us, look at us (describing how splendidly dressed up they were as compared to the infrastructure they were sitting in and the environment). Sometimes, we should have consceince and be ashamed of oursleves. This place doesn’t represent anything. You can’t be repsenting people and bring the President and the entire government here. It is not possible.”

Moving his eyes around the hall in which the town hall meeting was being held, he lamented that the place was not fit for such gathering and that even their own dress code contradicted everyting.

Officials ought to know that reality always contradicts pretense or false life. The fact of the matter is that the Presidents’s nationwide did not come as a surprise. It had been planned for 2020, but was postponed because of COVID-19 and other official engagements.

Even prior to the start of the exercise this year, it was formally announced. So we are also surprised that county superintendents and their lawmakers would not prepared adquately to host the President and his entourage. Are Grand Bassa County Superintendent Janjay Vakpah, Senator Nyonblee Kangar Lawrence and her colleague lawmakers from the county saying they couldn’t find paint in Buchanna, the provincial capital to give the town hall a facelift for President Weah’s meeting with citizens? Quiet disaaponting!

Lawmakers should not only focus on personal projects in their constituents but also the county they represent, especially, when the President is paying an official visit. He should be received and hosted in line with the esteem ascribes to the Presidency.

Leaders should desist from dressing up and parading themselves in public shamelessly while the towns, villages, counties and people they represent remain in apalling conditions. This is not leadership but sheer hypocrecy!

From River Gee, Grand Cape Mount to Grand Bassa, the story is the same: Neglect and poorly managed infrastructure that does not properly portray the places they represent as leaders. Nevertheless, members of the Liberian Legislature preside over the national budget every year and appotion the national cake, even alloting themselves bigger shares.

It’s time they change their leader style by placing the people and places they represent above personal interest to domonstarte the true leadership they ought to be.

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