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Whapoe warns of gangsters’ paradise

--If Weah gets re-elected

By Lincoln G. Peters

Opposition Vision for Liberia Transformation Party (VOLT) political leader Dr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe has warned that re-electing President George Manneh Weah would turn the country into a gangster’s paradise.

Addressing a press conference Thursday, 23 March 2023, Dr. Whapoe cautioned Liberians against re-electing Mr. Weah because they will live in a barbaric society. 

“You think about it, people who are looking for a second term are operating as gangsters in their first term with violence and chaos all over the place,” he warned the citizenry. 

“Think, if you give them the second term, what will happen is that Liberia will turn not just into a gangsters’ paradise, but a barbaric society where people will be taking laws into their own hands and might be right.”

The VOLT political leader explained that if Liberia transitions to a place of complete lawlessness and distrust in the judicial branch, it will never be a country, but a home of hopelessness. 

Dr. Whapoe also condemned the recent violence caused by the visit of Representative Moses Acarous Gray and hundreds of his supporters on the University of Liberia campus during which they clashed with students.

According to him, nobody has the right to prevent anybody from exercising their right. However, he argued that Representative Gray was wrong by moving with thugs and hooligans on the University of Liberia campuses during which students were brutalized.

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Dr. Whapoe indicated that the refusal of the Government of Liberia and the CDC to take punitive action against Mr. Gray is a breeding ground for impunity and lawlessness. 

“We condemn this act in the strongest terms. However, we again are concerned [about] why the CDC government has failed to take punitive action against Representative Gray,” said Dr. Whapoe. 

“This action by the government is a complete breeding ground for impunity, lawlessness, and violence. Our state under this government is completely barbaric because there is no justice,” he noted.

The opposition leader stated that the CDC government doesn’t understand the importance of education that’s why Rep. Gray forcefully went to the University campus. 

“I think they did that as a calculated plan to abuse human rights. If not so, they would have taken action against Representative Gray and not just arresting peaceful citizens,” he argued. 

“We saw on video Representative Gray and his thugs with deadly weapons brutalizing peaceful students, and so that makes him wrong,” he noted. 

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