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When Funeral Homes Operate Hospitals

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Don’t ask, my people. Da the same person.Da me again.Da me Paul. My mou’hna scared. Yor know this very well. Da lie, my people? No, da na lie.

Yor wait-o, my people. There are many things we really overlook in this our funny and wicked world-o. I mean, there are certain things that we are not supposed to allow in this life at all. But we just don’t care. We human beings are confused or stupid creatures. Da me say so.

Some human beings think that it is a wise thing to make a cat Chief of Security in the Republic of Rats. Da anything to allow, my people?

Others say that we should appoint a bird senior sales agent in a company that sells dry bug-a-bug. Da anything to do, my people? Yes, imagine birds selling well-seasoned, dry bug-a-bug from one area to another? Birds and dry bug-a-bug? Human beings are stupid creatures.

Others say that we should elect snake principal for the Community School of Frogs. Da anything to do, my people? Do they want to exterminate frogs, or do they just want to appease snake for reasons best known to them? Snakes and frogs? Human beings are stupid creatures.

There are even people who argue that nothing is wrong with hiring ants as sellers of sugar. Da anything to do? Can ants do any serious selling of sugar?

Listen, fools. As if all the acts of stupidity listed above were not enough, a friend called me a few days ago to tell me that she was launching a serious campaign aimed at licensing funeral homes in Liberia to open their own hospitals. Wheh thing?Funeral homes to establish and operate their own hospitals? I na agree. Yor want to finish us?

Yorna know da real killing will be going on. I fool to take any of my relatives there seh? I stupid to to go to datkinda hospital? Bug-a-bug eat my heart?

For me, if a person really wants to die, they should go to a hospital owned and operated by a funeral home because I do not think that those hospitals will be thinking about making sick people whole. They will be looking for dead bodies for their funeral homes.

If da na sickness to kill you, they will make it the sickness to kill you. But yourself yah. Don’t you know that the funeral homes will be taking goods from the hospitals? Going there da na committing suicide? If owners realize that the remaining dead bodies in their funeral homes have been removed by their families and that new customers are not coming in with new dead bodies, the owners could go to the funeral-related hospital and kill a few patients there for onward transmission to the funeral home. Money business da small thing?

If your family turns crazy and sends you to a hospital owned and operated by a funeral home, then just leave your own with God and tell your family to look for your casket and the clothes they are supposed to put on your dead body. Wheh thing? Go to a hospital owned and operated by a funeral home? Over my dead body?

I can see some old people and their children or grandchildren fighting on their way to a hospital owned and operated by a funeral home. The naked way old people are scared to die, if their angry children or grandchildren force them to such a hospital, I can hear those old people saying, “I na wan go there. De people will kill me there.”

If you think you are being given chloroquine injection, it could be something else that will soon make you weak, make your eyes close and cause your body to return back to the dust, while your spirit returns to God who gave it.

Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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