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You Able Breast Show?

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Da me again-o, my people.Da me Paul.Yor know me. My mou’hna scaredseh. I can say it just like that. You like it, jacko; you na like it Jack-‘o-Lantern. Da me say so. Whehyor can do to me?

Today, I want to talk about the rampant breast exhibitions going on all over the place. Da small breast display Liberian girls are on? Liberians girls like showing their breasts. Breast exhibition da their area. Da me say. What can they tell me or do to me? Nothing! Da me say so. Da me Paul.

There are free breasts to look at all over the place. Da lie, my people? There are free breasts in taxis. There are free breasts on buses. There are free breasts in classrooms. There are free breasts at workplaces. Da lie, my people? There are free breasts at the various market places. There are free breasts on school campuses. There are free breasts in the streets. There are free breasts at entertainment centers. There are free breasts in the communities. Liberia is making progress in the breast exhibition activity.

Both girls and women no longer value their breasts. Women’s breasts no longer form part of those things considered private parts of the woman. Nowadays, most women and girls display their breasts as if they were some kind of hairstyle that should be uncovered for all to see. Single girls and women show their breasts just like that. Married women and girls display their breasts in the same way. Da lie, my people?

Women’s breasts, like women’s butt, are some of the things that usually cause men to swallow spit. In other words, just as butt can send men crazy, breasts can send most men crazy too. And because women and girls recognize this fact, they have decided to carry out what I call “Breast Show.” You able breast show?

For most Liberian women and girls, if they don’t wear clothes or styles that show their breasts, then they are not yet dressed. Their breasts must be displayed on their chests like some commodity before they can be satisfied. Da small breast show Liberian women and girls on so?

Here is the story of a decent Liberian man I met a few days ago. He visited four campuses of four Liberian universities. There were breast shows all over the place. Small breasts were displayed. Huge breast were displayed. Even rumpled breasts that had been propped up by deceitful bras were also displayed. And yor know deceitful bra?

The man, disappointed over what he had seen, decided against visiting any other campus. Hisnext choice was various workplaces, including government and private-company offices. He saw the same thing – women and girls displaying breasts da kinda way all over the place.

The man hissed in disappointment and decided to walk a few major and minor streets and roads in the country. He experienced the same thing – women and girls showing their breasts for all to see like goods displayed on market tables for sale. In fact, he got confused and ran from the street as if he had seen some danger.

Finally, he decided that the only non-breast show area was in the church. Quickly, he entered a nearby charismatic church. He was surprised. Most of the women and girls in church that Sunday displayed their breasts as if they were not in the house of God. He shook his head and came right back outside.

Luckily for him – was he? – there was a traditional church about 200 yards from the charismatic church. He entered and sighed, thinking that he had entered a non-breast show church. He was disappointed, too. He realized that most of the women and girls in the church were also poised not only to participate in the Breast Show, but also to win it. He saw various breasts displayin like manner. He gave up. He was extremely disappointed.

What the man did not realize is that when it comes to Breast Show, there is no difference between a traditional church and a charismatic church. Breast shows have found their way in every sector of our life as a people.

When he came out of the last church, the man sat chin-in-palm on a rock in front of the church and said, “Father God, da Breast Show we will be on now? By the way, Father God, da how it used to be long ago, too, or is it that the world is more contaminated now than it used to be?”

Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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