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Young Life Liberia joins Ebola fight in Sierra Leone

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaAs the Ebola scourge eases in Liberia, some organizations operating in the country are asking to lend support and share experiences with neighboring Sierra Leone.

With the gains being achieved in Liberia, a local group Young Life, is bent on replicating that gains in Sierra Leone that is currently fighting to reduce its increasing case load.

Young Life is a faith base organization working with young people; the NGO is one of the many organizations on the frontline in the fight against Ebola in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Regional Director James S. Davis, II, in an interview from Sierra Leone on Truth Break Fast Show Friday January 16, 2015 in Monrovia, said in an effort to turn Sierra Leone’s story around, Young Life Liberia is currently visiting Freetown to support and share experience with its counterpart in that country.

Davis said during his visit worked closely with Young Life Sierra Leone in adopting new approaches and increase support for programs already existing that are making gains.

He noted that the Young Life staffers were excited about his visit in Freetown, saying, “They were excited to see a friend visiting them when people are leaving their country.”

Davis said, his trip was about building confidence, experience sharing and empowering local leaders in Sierra Leone.

“You will agree with me, in recent days the case in Sierra Leone is on the increase, now that we are having less cases it is important that we share our experience with our neighbor.”

He continues: “if the cases in Sierra Leone are on the increase and nothing is done about it there is possibility that cases can come from Sierra Leone to Liberia.”

Davis said, with the structure in place by the government and support from the locals, Sierra Leone could make gains in the not too distance future.

The Regional Director of Young Life however said, from information gathered, the case load in Sierra Leone of recent is decreasing.

“Sierra Leone used to report hundred new cases a day; they were reporting thirty new cases a day before I left. I think they are making progress,” Davis said.

He said though the country’s case load is still high compared to other countries in the Ebola fight, there are measures put in place by Sierra Leoneans that need to be duplicated.

Davis named population and cultural beliefs as some of the reasons for the increase in cases, adding that the country is taking tough measures to get the outbreak under control.

“Sierra Leone has more people than us, traditional beliefs are strong there and denial is some of the reasons responsible for high number they continue to report,” he noted.

Meanwhile, Davis has thanked the Government of Liberia, partners, community leaders and health workers for their tireless effort in putting the virus under control.

He said, call by the government for the re-opening of schools is a major boost in the fight against Ebola in Liberia, something that its neighbors are a bit far from accomplishing.

He however warned Liberians and the government not to be complacent with the gains made, stressing that all of the measures put in place by the Ministry of Health should be followed.

Like in Liberia Davis said his organization is planning to hold a survivor camp in Sierra Leone.”We think it [camp] is a vehicle for reintegration.”

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