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Zeo Hotel Holds Uhuru Kings Hostage

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Uhuru Kings, Liberia Basketball Federation (LBF) 2010 first division Champion is currently being held hostage by the management of Zeo hotel for failing to meet up with its financial obligation.

The players and members of the Technical staff were early yesterday morning prevented from leaving the seventy second premises of the hotel until a US $5,185 bill can be cleared. Isaac Cole, Kings Team Manager told the New Dawn Sports, not only that they were bare from leaving the hotel, but the team’s bus and one of the players vehicle have been seize until the said amount can be pay.

“Our luggage are confiscated, the security guards here have been instructed to ensure that none of us leave this place until the Manager tells them to allow us,” Cole laments. He explains; the hotel management has not provided food, water to bath, electricity and other basic humanities.

“I am begging all well-meaning Liberians to kindly help us get out of this awkwardness,” Cole pleaded.

Emmanuel Wesley, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Zeo hotel told our Sports department the club dept risks his business taking a down ward trend therefore he is going to assert every efforts to get his money.

According to Wesley, last Saturday two Executive Officials of the team in person of Solomon George and Samuel Momolu Lynch took the team at his hotel, encamped the players and paid US$2,500.00 of their US $7,685.00 bill, promising that Benonard Urey was going to personally pay the balance before the team leaves.

“Ever since then, these guys continue to tell me the club is Urey’s and that he was coming to pay me my balance money,” Wesley added. The Management of the local hotel has threatened to turn the players and the entire Technical staff of the team over to the Liberia National Police (LNP) if today ends without payment.

Solomon George has so far confirmed the team’s financial obligation to the hotel management, maintaining that Benoni Urey is the one who should have pay the said amount.

“The team was to camp at Wuki’s farm, but two days to the commencement of the tournament he informed me that he was expecting two International guests who were to be on the farm with him, as such he asked me to find an alternative and inform him, George narrates

It can be recalled, Uhuru Kings moved to camp at the local hotel so as to maintain a spirit of oneness during the just ended FIBBA Afrique zone three men Club Championship.

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