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2 brothers jailed for extracting body parts

The Magisterial Court in Tarzon, Grand Gedeh County in Liberia’s Southeast has sentenced two brothers to four-month imprisonment for corpse abuse, after extracting parts from the remains of their late father. Maxim Blow and Turzon Blow were found guilty by the magisterial court for extracting parts of their late father.

Speaking to the Super Morning Show on state radio ELBC, a correspondent in Grand Gedeh County said the judge at the Magisterial Court handed down the verdict they failed to exonerate themselves. According to the LBS Correspondent, the two brothers immediately instructed their aunt to go to the next village and inform the rest of the family about the sad incidence of their father’s death.

While their aunt left for the village, Maxim and Turzon were left in the house with the corpse of their father and that was when the act was executed before reaching police authorities in the county. The correspondent further narrated that while testifying in court, one of the brothers admitted comitting the act in the room with the dead body.

He said since the incidence occurred on April 5, 2016, residents of the town, as well as citizens of the county have frown on the act – something that prompted the Magisterial Court to charge them with corpse abuse.

By Lewis S. Teh -Edited by George Barpeen

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