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21 Clubs Presidents Endorse Bility’s Candidacy

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaTwenty one clubs Presidents have endorsed the candidacy of Mr. Musa Hassan Bility in the ensuing Liberia Football Association or LFA Elections, scheduled for March 20, 2010.

Mr. Bility is contesting the post of president in the LFA pending elections.

The incumbent LFA President, Izetta Wesley and Mr. George Williams, the President of the Vantaa Sports are also contesting the position of president.     

The twenty one Clubs Presidents, who endorsed the Bility’s candidacy, fall in the 1st, Second and Premier divisions of the LFA.

The twenty one clubs presidents pledged their support to Mr. Bility during separate occasions.     

On March 1, 2010, 10 1st division and Premier clubs presidents pledged their support to the candidacy of  Bility. Thereafter, on Wednesday, March 3, 2010, 11 1st, 2nd divisions and Premier clubs presidents openly declared their supports to Mr.  Bility’s candidacy.

Some of the clubs presidents,  who  openly declared their support for Mr. Bility, are:  Myers Beteah, President of Survivor FC;  Cassel Kueh, President FC Fasseu;  Moses Dongba,  President LPRC;  Uriah Glaybo, President Mighty Electron  and Garblah Rockoon, President LTC among others.

In separate remarks, the Presidents of the 1st, 2nd divisions and Premier clubs said they pledged their support to the candidacy of Mr. Bility because they want   change.

Of the three presidential candidates, they believe,  Mr. Bility, who is currently serving as President of   ALPHA Old Timer Sports Association, is the one that can bring the desired change at the LFA.


According to them, for past years, the game of soccer has gone down the dreams, and that it is about time for soccer to regain its lost image.

Meanwhile, As the much publicized Liberia Football Association or LFA Elections draw closer, Musa Shannon, a candidate in the race for the position of vice president for Administration, continues to get more support.

On Tuesday of the week, Jonathan Sogbie and Dynesious Sebwe openly endorsed the candidacy of Musa Shannon for the position of vice president for Administration. Of all the candidates in the race for the said position, the two former Lone Star players   believe Shannon is the best person to serve in such position at the local football house.

In separate remarks, Jonathan Sogbie alias Boy Charles and Dynesious Sebwe said this is the time to transcend from the dependency syndrome of the Liberian Football Association has suffered over the past seven years to an entrepreneurship.

Dynesious said Musa is competent with high level of professionalism and good network capability which makes him the right person at this time when the spirit of football has completely died in Liberia.

For his part, Boye Charles said that he sees Shannon as an entrepreneur with a unique character and good inter-personal relationship skills.

“I believe he is the best individual for the job and I know he will do better at the FA,” he added.

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