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Addressing the Accompanying Consequences of School Closure

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It is being widely speculated in Monrovia and its environs that the Government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Education, plans to close all schools until September 2015.

The decision by the government, according to the reports, is attributed to the unfavorable conditions the heavy rains- envisaged between now and September, may created for students.

The current academic year, now in its third period, is will be considered a tutorial academic period, even though officials of the ministry- a few of whom confirmed the plan, seem to be divided over the decision.

Some parents and guardians, who informed the New Dawn-Liberia, quoted their school-going kids and school authorities as confirming planned closure of schools by the Education Ministry.

If and only if such information emanating from the ministry, parents and some students is actually true, it would be a dangerous path on which the new George Warner administration at the Ministry of Education would thrive because such decision would only instigate actions that will be inimical to the well-being and progress of Liberian students.

While we will not, at the moment, accept such speculations as a fact because it has not been made publicly official, we are also of the belief that some school authorities, parents, guardians and students would have chosen to “manufacture” such sensitive information about the Education Ministry with no aorta of truth- even though inside sources of the ministry have already hinted the New Dawn-Liberia.

While the decision to return to the regulate academic colander in September may also be in the interest of the Liberian education system, it is hope that the consequences of such decision are also being considered and dealt-with by the authorities of the ministry, i.e, questions characterizing such consequences, including what becomes of all that parents, guardians and school authorities have gone through for this academic year, etc., etc, must be addressed.

Again, we are of the strongest conviction that if and only if the information we’re told is credibly reliable, in the wisdom of Minister George Warner and team at the Education, the best can always be done to strengthen such an important sector of our society.

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