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Ban on Indian rice export could affect Liberia

-MPC Freeman warns

By Lincoln G. Peters 

Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) Presidential Candidate Simeon Freeman has warned the Government and people of Liberia of a serious looming rice crisis due to ban imposed on exportation of rice by India, one of the biggest exporters on the global stage. 

According to Mr. Freeman, Liberia is expected to face serious rice shortage and food insecurity due to India’s refusal to export rice based on some global factors. 

Speaking here on Monday, August 7, when he appeared on Prime FM, the MPC Presidential Candidate disclosed that India is the biggest importer of rice in the world and also Liberia’s biggest partner in terms of rice importation. 

“I am not President, but my greatest worry today is where we are going to find rice from now going forward, especially in December. India has banned the exportation of rice. India did that about two weeks ago and you know what that means for Liberia. Currently, India is the biggest exporter of rice in the world”, Mr. Freeman noted. 

The top 5 rice exporting countries in the world include India, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, and the United States of America which generated approximately three-quarters (72.8%) of the global value for rice exports in 2022.

He further indicated that the Government of India had banned the exportation of rice due to the war that is currently ongoing between Ukraine and Russia.

Also, he said that the Indian government pointed out that their reason to ban the exportation of rice is due to the climatic condition therefore, they are keeping rice, sugar and other agriculture products to themselves until a remedy is found. 

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However, Mr. Freeman suggested that in order for Liberia to prevent this looming rice crisis, the country should prioritize investing in agriculture. 

“We should now learn from this and invest in agriculture because we are doomed for serious crisis. We have killed a President in this country because of rice and so, this government needs to be careful and find means to handle this looming rice crisis. What I want to do in my administration is to integrate opportunities for Liberians to prevent urban migration”, he explained. 

Mr. Freeman described Liberia as a manufacturer of poverty, adding that after every six years, Liberia makes foreign importers of rice, while the people are poor because there is no opportunity for Liberians. Editing by Jonathan Browne 

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  1. We’re (Liberian) suffering ourselves, coz everyone wanna work in Government or do White callous work.
    We are very lazy and disrespectful to those who doing Bush (AGRICULTURAL SERVICES). And we forgetting to know that majority of the food 🍲 we eat, comes from the Bush or can grow from the soil.

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