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Blockade Not Justifiable

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The Liberia Football Association or LFA says the current media blockade place on it is not justifiable, for the fact that the ban emanates from a little issue which has to do with passes for the “Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Independence Day tournament.”

LFA’s boss Musa Bility told a news conference on Sunday that the blockade is not known to many media houses as there is not a single communication from SWAL to media institutions that reporters hold membership with SWAL.

Bility said the local football house intends to strengthen SWAL and not to stab it in the back was done by past administrations of the FA.

“The current step taking by SWAL has left the LFA Executive Committee Members with a unanimous decision but to ask that all members of the Liberia Sports Writing Association Body who want travelling with any of Liberia National Team would facilitate everything on their own.

SWAL is the only affiliate member of the Liberia Football Association to greatly benefit from its activities thus having cited a clause in the LFA’s budget in the tone of US$450, 000 annually”, Bility noted.

However, Media Institutions in the country say they are not aware of the current “blockade” place on the LFA.  During a meeting with the President of the LFA recently in Monrovia, the Editors and Managing Editors said as far as they were concern SWAL did not communicate with them as to what is ascertaining with it and the LFA.

Editors and Managers of distinct media houses operating in Liberia told Bility at a meeting recently in Monrovia, their institutions are up to constitutional responsibility, to informed the Liberian people of the very latest in the sporting World yeah Football as a whole.

SWAL on 22 July this year posed an indefinite blockade of the LFA but many of its members have disregarded the action saying it is not in the right direction.

The present Administration of the LFA has for the first time made SWAL an affiliate member with voting right, inclusive of its just passed budge in the tune of UsS$50,000.00 for operation and two weeks ago under wrote the cost of SWAL’s Secretary General Webster Cassell  to Germany in the tone of US$4,00.00.

SWAL is accusing the local football house of publicizing all of the issues surrounding the just ended pre-Independence day tournament commemorating Liberia’s 163rd Independence day celebration.

The local football house has apologized to SWAL for firstly using the Renaissance for the letting out of all of its information’s.

It has given the sports writing body a total of f40 passes to each International match involving Liberia and any other Nation, but except all SWAL accredited members names are printed on the pass.

However, the group refused to have their members names or institutions be printed on a pass on grounds that there are more than one person writing sports at a particular media house.

Numinnie R. Williams President of the Sports Writers of Liberia or SWAL told this paper via phone yesterday, that the lifting of the blockade on the FA depends on the result of a mass meeting schedule for 1: pm this afternoon.

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