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Boakai orders audit of MoS

The Ministry of State hosts the Presidency and has not been audited for a long time. Its audit is part of President Joseph Nyumah Boakai’s Administration’s commitment to fighting corruption and promoting transparency and accountability. 

Monrovia, 22 March 2024: President Joseph Nyumah Boakai has asked the General Auditing Commission (GAC) to conduct a comprehensive audit of the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs. 

An Executive Mansion press release issued Thursday, 21 March 2024, said the audit is part of the Boakai Administration’s commitment to fighting corruption and promoting transparency and accountability. 

Officials from the GAC and the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs discussed the audit at a meeting at the Executive Mansion on Monday, 20 March.

Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry of State, Atty. Cornelia Kruah Togba, who also attended the meeting, stated that the audit aims to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the Ministry’s affairs. 

Responding to the President’s mandate, Liberia’s Auditor General P. Garswa Jackson said the Commission will begin with a System Audit since the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs has not been audited for a long time. 

He explained that the audit will focus on budget management, cash management, procurement procedures, and other areas. 

Auditor General Jackson expressed the hope that this becomes an ongoing process since the Ministry has not been audited for a long time. 

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The Commission plans to communicate engagements by March 27, specifying the audit period, scope, and commencement date. The GAC’s report on findings is expected within a month.

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  1. There is a common saying that, charity begins at home. In so doing, the office of the president(The Ministry of State) must lead the exercise to set examples for the smooth cooperation and operation of said ministry. Hopefully, the other ministries must watch out for the same exercise to be held at the shortest time.

  2. It’s about time the entire government be audited. President Boakai should be firmed with his decisions. It should be a new dawn day in our country (Liberia).
    The people have suffered for long with only few people enriching their pockets on the backs of the country.
    There have been stories of good and credible men like the late tax collector, Mr. Benedict Toe Twegbe from Seklaekpoh (Grandcess). An earnest man who collected taxes, walked from village to village in the then Kru Coast Territory and will report the taxes collected to the revenue office in Seklaekpoh (Grandcess). After some days he will get set and take the taxes he had collected for the month, walk to take the money to Harper, Maryland County to deposit it to the revenue office.
    Mr. Twegbe did his job for years and never took a penny, nickel or dime over the years. He and his family were poor and never took the funds he collected, not once, he will always wait for his paycheck. But many have gotten rich on the backs of Mr. Oldman Twegbe of TWEGBYVILLE, Seklaekpoh (Grandcess).
    Mr. President, do this audits for a man like Mr. Twegbe, who worked faithfully. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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