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Body found behind Defense Ministry

The remains of a 30-year-old man who reportedly drowned in the PHP Community behind the Barclay Training Center or B.T.C. barracks in Monrovia have been discovered.

The late EmmetKoyor was discovered by community residents on Wednesday, February 22nd. He had gone on the beach with some friends to swim when he reportedly drowned.
Since the incident, the situation surrounding his death has drawn suspicions and speculations among residents with some attributing it to witchcraft.

Speaking to this paper, a resident of the PHP community Achieboy Parker, who has identified himself as a friend of the deceased, narrated that the late EmmetKoryora.k.a “EK Money” was not a resident of the community, adding that he came from Johnson Street where he resided to spend time with friends, but meet his untimely death.
“It was Wednesday morning; I was sitting at my shop when I saw him and his friend arguing over five Liberian dollars. Immediately I went and settled the dispute by giving him 25 Liberian dollars to forget the argument. Later, I heard my little sister running towards the yard saying, ‘EK Money is leaving in the sea.’

But when I got there, most of the swimmers said none of them could rescue him, because according to them, their feet were heavy and his drowning has something to do with witch”, Achieboy explained.
“He was my friend, he left his house on Johnson Street to spend time with me here at PHP, but the speculation that is surrounding his death is shocking me, though I was not on the scene but on Wednesday, I only heard my little sister bringing crying to me saying, ‘Emmanuel leaving in the sea’, but before I got there the wave has carried him in deep sea; there was no way anyone could rescue him”, he further narrated.

According to him, people who went on the scene of the incident told him that there were swimmers who could have rescued the late EmmetKoryor, but they all complained that their feet were heavy to move.
“This is where I too want to believe that his death has something to do with witchcraft activities, because why would swimmers, who normally rescue people here at PHP, claim that their feet were heavy to rescue our own friend?” Achieboy asked in disbelief.

Abraham Doe, another eyewitness, who was on the scene, said he was with the deceased and they both swim together before he allegedly drowned.
, “I met ‘EK Money’ standing on the beach at 9: 30 in the morning, we all got in the water together and started to swim, but the next thing I saw was this huge wave covering us; when I came to myself, we lost each other – that was how he got drowned”, Abraham explains.
He said there were people who could have swim to save the deceased, but they rejected on grounds that their feet were heavy, and this is something that was creating fear among residents.

BY Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Jonathan Browne


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