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Businesses can feed inmates

–Jeety’s proposal to relief government of prison food challenge

Indian philanthropist and former Honorary Consul General to Liberia Mr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva has proposed that businesses should start feeding inmates to relieve the government of the inmates’ food challenge.

During his routine inmates feeding exercise at the Monrovia Central Prison Friday, 7 July 2023, Mr. Sachdeva (Mr. Jeety) urged fellow businessmen in Liberia to do something monthly for inmates across the country. 

“So I urge all my fellow businessmen in Liberia to try, see one day a month how the business community can do something for the inmates in many parts of the country,” said Mr. Jeety.

Jeety suggested that “if one businessman starts feeding one inmate,” it would be some kind of relief for the government.

The Jeety Trading Corporation chief urged his fellow business people to support inmates because they do not have the freedom to fetch for their own food.

Mr. Jeety said he and his team will be at the Monrovia Central Prison to feed inmates on 26 July, Liberia’s Independence Day.

Jeety and his team fed 1,302 inmates on Friday, 7 July, and also turned over to prison authorities, 1,500 new rubber plates to serve their food.

The food package included bitter ball soup, a product from Mr. Jeety’s farm, as well as rice and soft drink, among others.

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Mr. Jeety thanked Prison Superintendent Col. Varney Lake and his team for their sacrificial work, and prayed for God’s blessings upon them.

“With all the hardship they are going through, they are doing their duty beyond their call of duty. So I commend them wholeheartedly,” said Mr. Jeety.

Following the feeding exercise at the prison facilities, Mr. Jeety concluded the exercise on Center Street and fed hundreds of disadvantaged folks.

In response, Col. Varney Lake said Mr. Jeety is being considered a major feeding partner for the prison system.

Col. Lake said Mr. Jeety has created a feeding schedule for himself to feed inmates, noting that sometimes he does not have to be called to intervene.

“And it is not just unique to the Monrovia Central Prison. He has extended his gesture beyond. So, we say thank you, Mr. Jeety and your team and the Indian Community at large because it has already extended its connection,” he said.

Col. Lake said he was overwhelmed to receive the gesture. 

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