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Buu-Yao citizens celebrate road project

By Lincoln G. Peters

Buu-Yao (District #4) Nimba County was a scene of intense exhilaration recently when citizens of the district celebrated the dedication of over 25 kilometers of paved road, linking farms to market and providing easy access to nearby towns and villages.  

Chanting “Bad Road medicine,” they revealed that prior to the dedication, the district had been lagging behind in many developmental activities due to deplorable road conditions.

They said the dedication is an extension of President Weah’s ‘Bad Road Medicine’ campaign initiated through the group, “Nimba for Weah” that is focused on ensuring the re-election of the President.

In appreciation, a prominent citizen of the district, Joe Luanupea, said the road paved by President Weah serves as a complete emancipation of the district, thereby resuscitating its social and economic potential.

“With the pavement of this road, we can now flourish in all of our activities as a district. Our products that used to be destroyed because we couldn’t transport them to markets can now be easily taken to our markets to sell. This road will bring economic and social boost to our district”, Mr. Luanupea said.

He lauded President Weah for the development through road connectivity, underscoring that the President’s intervention is a complete revival of the district and its people.

He promised that the effort will not go unrewarded on October 10, 2023, pledging support of the district to ensure the re-election bid of President Weah is a resounding success.

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Meanwhile, Mr. Luanupea urged President Weah to continue the road pavement in the district by rehabilitating damaged bridges and farm-to-market roads in other parts of the district. 

“While we welcome wholeheartedly the road pavement, we want President Weah to also help with rehabilitation of the bridges along the road. These bridges are at the point of collapse. If these bridges collapsed, we will end up facing the same problem we had with roads. So, we are begging you Mr. President to please fix our bridges”, Luanupea pleaded on behalf of the district.

At the same time, they recommended and pleaded with the President to ensure that a son of the district, Mr. Peter Weatoe represents Buu-Yao District#4 on the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) ticket in the October 10th Presidential and Legislative elections.

According to them, Mr. Weatoe has been instrumental in the upkeep and development of the district in so many ways.

During the ceremony, he donated three motorcycles to the district. In the same vein, he was hailed for his support towards the health and social welfare of his people. 

The chairperson for “Nimba for Weah”, Mr. Shedrack Thomas Dokie revealed that the road project is an initiative of President Weah’s Pro-Poor Agenda to ensure that every part of the country is connected.

Chairman Dokie thanked the people of Buu-Yao district for their appreciation of the President’s gesture and urged them to ensure their promise to re-elect Mr. Weah becomes a reality, as they stand to benefit more untold development. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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One Comment

  1. To disprove your reporter again and that this is a make-up story, Buu-yao is in district 5 in Nimba and I bet you the editor to go there for verification. NOBODY STUPID HERE AND WE KNOW THE STAND OF THIS NEWSPAPER. Is IFAD and Honorable Kogar who are make sincere efforts to rehabilitate roads in that district

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