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CDC Islamic Affairs recommits to Weah’s re-election

By Lewis S. Teh

A group of Muslims under the banner of the CDC Islamic Affairs has recommitted itself to the re-election bid of incumbent President George Manneh Weah.

The group endorsed Mr. Weah’s second term bid Monday, 18 September 2023 at a colorful program held at the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) party headquarters in Oldest Congo Town.

The group encouraged its members to keep treading on the path of supporting Mr. Weah’s re-election.

 “We’re asking every Muslim that it’s good for us to sit on the old mat before we think about plaiting the new mat,” the group said.

 “We the CDC Islamic Affairs for the re-election of President Weah have come to encourage all of [our] brothers and sisters as we get closer to the election to vote President Weah,” said Mr. Ousma Jalloh.

 He narrated that for the first time in their history, it took President Weah to select someone from the Islamic religion to serve as advisor.

 Ousma T. Jalloh, the Religious Advisor on Islamic Affairs to President Weah, said in 2017 he had encouraged his fellow Muslims that President was the best candidate in the race.

 According to him, to see Muslims coming out in their numbers to endorse the re-election bid of President Weah was brilliant and timely.

Jalloh encouraged every Muslim in Liberia to campaign in their various districts for the re-election of President Weah.

 “Today I ask you to go out in the trenches, encourage every Muslims to vote President Weah because he’s the best among his contenders,” said Jalloh.

 He believes that CDC is the best way out, encouraging Muslims to continue the work and re-elect Mr. Weah.

For his part, CDC Chairman on Islamic Affairs Mr. Mohammed A. Swaray said the program was impromptu, but the fact that Muslims abandoned their activities to gather to endorse President Weah, it was a sign of their readiness to vote the incumbent.

 “We want to ease the rumors that the Muslim Community isn’t for President Weah. [It’s] false. About fifty percent of our people are in support of President Weah’s re-election,” said Swaray.

According to him, since the establishment of the Muslim Community, they have been in full support of the CDC, especially President Weah.

 Reading the endorsement statement, Oumu Sall said the Muslims of the CDC Islamic Affairs had gathered to show their support for the re-election bid of President Weah.

She added that since President Weah took office, things were shaking. But she noted that due to his astute leadership ability, he stabilized things.

 Oumu noted that this has caught their attention.

 “Today we the Muslims are appreciative of the work that you continue to do for Muslims and the country at large,” she continued.

She extolled the CDC leader for identifying with Muslims during the time of Ramadan and Abraham Day celebration, donating rice and cow, among others.

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