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China donates medical supplies worth over US$100,000 

Foreign aid, including China’s support to Liberia’s health sector, is a major contributor to the nation’s slow efforts in restoring a reliable health service over 20 years since the West African Country’s civil war ended.

By Lincoln G. Peters

Tuesday, February 27-The People’s Republic of China has donated medical supplies to the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Medical Center and the cardiology program totaling US$100,000.

China also presented a new medical team to Liberia. The program marked the 40th anniversary of the arrival of the China Medical Team in Liberia.

The donation included clinically used antimalarials, antimicrobials, dental rays, and sterilizers, among others.

Since 1984, China and Liberia have forged a robust partnership through China-Aid Medical Team Program, standing shoulder-to-shoulder in combating outbreaks like Ebola and COVID-19.

The China-Aid Medical Team has embodied the noble spirit of braving hardship, being willing to dedicate, saving lives helping the injured, and showing great love.

In 2022, the two governments signed a new round of protocol for dispatching the China Medical Team to Liberia (2022-2027) further strengthening their ties. 

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In February 2023, Liberia witnessed the handover of the 2023 regular medicine and medical equipment at JFK and the launch of the cardiology cooperation project.

During the donation, Chinese Ambassador to Liberia Yin Chengwu said that on 18 May 2020, President Xi Jinping announced in his speech that 30 China-Africa paired hospital cooperation mechanisms will be established.

He pointed out that as a result, the project achieves the goal of reserving medical and nursing talents and improving the level of diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and the ability to rescue emergency and critical illnesses.

According to him, China remains firmly committed to supporting Liberia’s healthcare development through diverse means, adding that they stand ready to join hands with Liberians to build a shared future of health and well-being.

“The project period is from 2022 to 2025 and is processing successfully and fruitfully. Among others is today’s donation of a total of $100,000 medical materials to JFK Medical Center and the cardiology program,” the Chinese Envoy said.

“The initiative, alongside other ongoing projects in the health sector, are testaments to the substantive and ever-expanding China-Liberia medical cooperation,” he noted.

For his part, the Officer in Charge at the JFK, Dr. Robert Dennis extolled the Chinese government for the donation, describing it as a gift to Liberia.

“We want to thank you for the donation and the arrival of additional medical team members to help boost our health sector and workforce,” said Dr. Dennis. 

“We also want to appreciate … both countries for this partnership and it’s our hope that this continues,” he added.ReplyReply allForward

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