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Choosing wisely at the ballot box for a prosperous Liberia

By Caesar Morris – caesar@allbright.com.lr

A friend of mine who had just returned from Accra, Ghana came to visit me and as we sat across from each other in my office he was narrating his experiences in the West African nation adding “I noticed lots of Liberians are living in Ghana ” in an exciting tone. He went on and on detailing his experiences and suddenly his tone changed as he talked about his experience since his return (first 48 hours) back in Liberia; “last night I slept in darkness and this morning I took my bath with dirty water that is now itching my skin”. Sadly I couldn’t help the situation but laugh and jokingly said “Don’t worry dude, your body will soon readapt to the dirty water because that well-water most of us use to take our bath and cook, etc. for many years.”  The moral of this short story is that we get what we settle for. Some may disagree or argue this but it’s true that our decision at the ballot box can determine whether we get safe water supply, infrastructure development and economic prosperity for all or we continue with the dirty water.

Our decision at the ballot box is not merely a political act but a compass that will chart the course of our nation’s destiny. This is a solemn caution and a rallying call for citizens to scrutinize, deliberate, and elect leaders who are not just custodians of power but architects of a brighter tomorrow. Every Liberian action on Tuesday October 10, 2023 should not only be consider as our constitutional right only but should also be conscious that it is our moment to make Liberia for better or for worse, the collective impact of informed and righteous votes is the key to unlocking the potential for transformative change and building a brighter future for every Liberian.

Leadership, in the context of our nation, is a catalyst for change. It can either spur economic growth, champion social justice, and nurture a spirit of unity or become a stumbling block, hindering progress, perpetuating corruption, and deepening societal divides. We are living the realities of bad leadership evidenced by the deplorable state of our nation. Let me remind us that the many factors reasonable for our suffering and deplorable conditions were deliberately ignored for personal gains. As you are aware the United States government and other caring nations spend millions of dollars of their taxpayers’ money to bring lifesaving medicines to ensure Liberians don’t die of diseases but our government massively failed to ensure that those needed medicines are available in public health facilities. The repercussions of choosing leaders without foresight can reverberate for generations.

The economic landscape of our nation is molded by the policies enacted by our leaders. Before casting your vote on Tuesday, ask yourself; has the economic blueprints of this administration made our nation better. Has it created the one million jobs, or has it moved one million Liberians out of poverty as proposed 6 years ago? Will you choose a leader for Liberia based on friendship (kpaku-da-my-man) or rather choose a leader who understands the intricacies of economic stewardship that will champion and steer our nation toward prosperity.

It’s time we choose leaders with social compassion, one that shares our pains. A compassionate leader is one who recognizes the urgent need for quality education, accessible healthcare, rule of law, genuine infrastructure development, and social welfare programs that elevate Liberians from abject poverty to a Liberia of equal opportunity. We must elect candidates who prioritize uplifting the most vulnerable members of society, ensuring that no one is left behind on the path to progress. We have suffered for too long by leaders who are insensitive to our needs. The sufferings of Liberians is a clear indication that this leadership of our country didn’t do enough.

It is an open secret that this CDC government’s lack of political integrity is not just defrauding the nation but it is undermining our democracy and endangering our stability as a nation. Political stability is the bedrock upon which the development of nations stands. Evaluate the track records of this government leadership concerning governance, transparency, and accountability. This president does not respect our laws, his repeated actions to condone the violation of our laws is significantly contributing to the sufferings of Liberia. We can record the illegal outsourcing of the cargo tracking note incident in the Freeport of Monrovia, our president and his lieutenants violated the PPCC law outsourcing statutory duties of customs, NPA to a company for personal gains that is repeatedly exploiting the Liberian business community and defrauding the nation of millions USD that could be financing healthcare, education, law enforcement thereby undermining our democracy. It’s time we choose leaders who will uphold the principles of democracy, respect the rule of law, strive for inclusive governance and become true architects of enduring political stability.

2016 Liberia ascended to the World Trade Organization (WTO) putting our nation amongst the committee of nations for steady, sustainable economic prosperity. This government didn’t do much to propel Liberia in adapting key international standards that would have triggered a tsunami of foreign direct investments across every sector of the country thereby creating millions of jobs; instead, the government of Liberia created additional barriers to trade making Liberia unfavorable for business, plunging the nation in the current economic hardship being experienced by millions of Liberians. In an interconnected world, the adaptation of global and regional standards of trade are potent tools for development. Leaders must be skillful in navigating across the international community, opening doors for collaboration, foreign investment, and the sharing of knowledge. The writings are on the wall for all to see that the CDC government didn’t do much in her engagements on the global stage.

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The act of casting a vote is not merely a civic duty; it is a pivotal moment where the trajectory of our nation is shaped. Liberia stands at a crossroads; the warning is clear – choose leaders wisely. Leaders with integrity, vision, and a commitment to the well-being of all citizens and not a few partisans. In the polling booth, you hold the pen that rewrites the story of Liberia’s future. Choose leaders who will be architects of progress, steering the nation toward prosperity for all and uniting everyone for a better tomorrow.

Editor’s note: the views expressed in this article are of the author and does not represent the general view of this paper

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