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Christoph kicked out for rental

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Top Liberian HipCo award-winning artist, Christopher Nyekan, stage-name Christoph The Change (CTC) who recently went live on social media, boasting of being one of Liberia’s richest artists, has been thrown out of his apartment for US$1000.00 and LRD2000, with his belongings seized by a court in Monrovia.

The news comes as a shock to the public and his many fans all around the world, as the artist travels around the world in first class and rides a HYUNDIA jeep that costs over US$50,000.

He recently boasted of repairing for the vehicle at a cost of US$15,000 after it was involved in a road accident, killing one person.
Of late, the Liberian artist has been in the headline in the entertainment media with reports that the celebrity was going off his mind, while others thought that was Christoph’s usual behavior for promotion purpose since in fact, it the practice is common in the entertainment industry.

According to information from the City Court at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia, Christoph the Changes is indebted to his landlord and has since refused to pay his rental.

It was on that reason he was first taken to court, where he allegedly admitted owing his landlord, and the judge asked him to vacate the apartment, but he allegedly refused.

The information continues that the artist ‘s alleged refusal to leave, prompted the landlord to run back to the court and the judge this time around, ordered court security alone with the landlord to seize the belongings of the celebrity’s and take them to the court, until the well-known artist can pay the money he owes his landlord.

From research conducted by this column, it is first of its kind for top celebrity in the Liberian music industry to be kicked out from his or her apartment by the court with all belongings seized due to indebtedness.

Many are asking whether Christoph The Change has gone broke that he can’t afford to pay his rental. He was spotted recently in Logan Town, Bushrod Island during the disputed by-election, sharing money among fans that were supporting Candidate Abu Kamara, now District#15 Representative. Or is Christoph refusing to pay his landlord because he feels he’s a top celebrity?

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