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Cinta Commissioner hails CICO

The commissioner of Cinta Township in Margibi County has hailed the management of the Chinese International Construction Company or CICO for its numerous contributions to the township.

CICO Liberia is sub-contracted by the Government of Liberia to rehabilitate the Red-Light-Gbarnga highway. Speaking with reporters at his office in Weala recently, Commissioner William B.S. Julye said CICO management has done and is still doing more for his people outside of the Collective Bargaining Agreement or CBA signed by the company, its workforce and the Government of Liberia.

He narrated that prior to the construction of the Weala Public High school by CICO in the township under the leadership of one Mr. Gain, the company assisted the township with machines to clear the site, including portion of 25 acres of land acquired by the township for public use, to clear the site where the Weala Public Clinic is built, and to clear the site where a police station is erected after request by stakeholders.

“CICO is again doing such a great thing when they previously help to clean this site and today they have sent for machines one D-9, one 966 or front hand roller, one motor grater and one comprador to give a face-lift to the school and public areas in Weala; long live CICO-Liberia”.

When asked if his office have received complain (s) from citizens against CICO, Commissioner Julye sadly said yes, he once received complaints from some citizens, who claimed their waters were being contaminated by CICO wastes, but thru his intervention, the community dwellers were able to receive some quantities of rice and drugs worth a little over $5,000.00 to restore the community.

The only thing that the company has not done as per the agreement after the pollution of wells is hand pumps but attributed the delay in the construction of the hand pump to the change in CICO’s administration.

However, he said since a new manager only identified as Mr. Fuu took over the company, it has been difficult to see him, which has caused delay in having hand pumps in the township.

Mr. Julye noted that when CICO Management was engaged by his office on several occasions to address its social responsibilities, the management plainly told him they are Sub-contractor Company employed by the Ministry of Public Works in Monrovia so it does not have any social responsibility, and services to the district were pure gesture from management.

He added that if an employee of CICO were sent to work somewhere and there were some mistakes, the company comes in immediate to correct those mistakes by negotiating with residents of that particular locality.

By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr. in Margibi – Edited by Jonathan Browne

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