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Civil Law Court adjusts hearing of Bilities’ child custody case

By Winston Parley

The Civil Law Court in Monrovia has made an adjustment on the day it will hear Mr. Sidike Musa Bility’s request for permanent custody of his two minor children from his divorced wife Warti Nancy Robinson – Bility after the court found that Nancy did not file her return (response) to Sidike’s bill of information.

Mr. Bility’s lawyers have asked the court to award him full and permanent custody of his two minor children since their mother Nancy has a not favorable relationship with the kids’ emotional, psychological, mental, physical health, stability, and well-being safety and security.

His lawyers contended that after the divorce was granted the parties, Nancy celebrated on Facebook with her friends and even paraded her pregnant stomach on Facebook to the whole world, adding that it is only proper for the court to award Bility permanent custody of the children.

However the court said at the call of the case for hearing of the bill of information on Thursday, 8 July 2021, it observed that Nancy’s counsels had not filed their return to the bill of information.

Therefore, the court reassigned Thursday’s hearing to Monday, 12 July 2021 at 9 a.m. because it said the matter involves the interest and well-being of innocent children.

The noted further that it is interested in going into the detail of the case so that its judgment or opinion can be based on informed information, disclosing that the respondent had just filed her return and it was not yet in the possession of the court.

Bility has complained that the arrangement of sharing custody of the children between him and Nancy is not working in the kids’ best interest.

He said from the commencement of the sharing of custody arrangement up to the time he filed the bill of information, Nancy has constantly taken the children to school very late or sometimes failed to take them to school every Monday, claiming that this behavior continued the month of March.

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He said growing out of the action of divorce he earlier filed against Nancy, he filed a motion for temporary custody with the court and it was granted him on 20 January this year to temporarily take custody of the children, pending the final determination of the main action of divorce. 

But Bility said Nancy turned the kids over on 15 February 2021 when she felt pleased to do so, despite the court’s order for them to be turned over immediately.

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