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“Clarence and Friends” distributes more Sanitizers

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As part of the ongoing Ebola fight across Liberia, a youth group in Margibi County “Clarence and Friends” has distributed its second batch of disinfectants to residents of Margibi and Bong Counties to help prevent the virus from spreading among the people.

“Clarence and Friends” recently donated Sanitizers in Weala, including 400 buckets, cholera gallons and tie soap packs, among others. A vigilante group in the area also benefited 6 cartons of batteries, 12 dozen of flashlight and 6 bags of rice as well as cash from the group.

Speaking during the donation on August 17, 2014, in Weala, Margibi County, the head of the group, Clarence G. Gahr, put the total cost of the exercise at approximately US$21, 000, adding that the group is doing more because beneficiaries of the gesture have realized the importance of the materials and requesting for more.

He said the flashlights, rice and batteries will be distributed among six different groups in the area, including Weala, Barclay Farm, and German Camp Junction as well as Nyanvola and Massaquoi towns along with the Methodist Group.

Clarence lauded community watch teams in the area for their tireless and voluntary efforts in protecting lives and properties, noting that it was a great sacrifice for someone to work and doesn’t ask for compensation. He said the items donated were not meant to pay the vigilante group, but it is a sign of appreciation to them and to also encourage them to do more for their people.

Clarence said his group in partnership with other youth organization in Kakata is also sensitizing people about the Ebola virus and the Stanford Bridge Ataye forum at the German Camp Junction which they have further urged to continue to speak to their people about the disease.

“The SRC camp, Gibi and the rest of the village in Margibi County were also on this list, he stated.   He said “Clarence and Friends” has extended its gesture to Salala Gate in Bong County.  Recently, the group donated 200, buckets, cholera and large packs of tie soap worth US$6,800 to the people of Weala and its environs.

Receiving Sunday’s donation on behalf of his people , the general town chief of Wea clan, Anthony Varney, appreciated Clarence and Friends and pledged full support to working  with them or anybody who intends to work in the interest of the people. He also named some of the towns that benefited from the gesture, including Nyanvola, Nyenka Town, Mars Farm, Gbehnkpeh Town and Gbin’s Town, among others.

Youth group distributes sanitary materials

Physically challenged people in Montserrado, Margibi and Grand Bassa Counties are receiving sanitary materials and food rations from youth groups, as the Ebola crisis intensifies here.

The United Youth for Peace, Education, Transparency and Development in collaboration with the Youth and Disabled WASH Network said they began distributing sanitary materials and food stuffs to the less fortunate residents in the above counties.

United Youth’s Executive Director, Timothy Kpeh, said there is a need during this emergency period to identify with the disabled community. A statement quoting him says Mr. Kpeh’s organization is including food stuff in the distribution because people with disabilities would face difficulties in getting food during this crisis period.

Among items distributed were buckets, soap, chloride and rice. Meanwhile, the group is also spreading Ebola preventive messages to citizens while helping people with disabilities.

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