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Clergy urges Liberian Churches to rise against evil forces

By Lewis S. Teh

The Senior Pastor of the Mesioden Assembly of God Church Rev. Charles J.R. Wion has called on the Church and the Christian Community in Liberia to rise up against evil forces in the country.

“We as preacher men and women, including churchgoers can’t sit and watch those evil people control our country. It’s time that we rise up and fight against them,” said Rev. Wion at a week-long revival hosted under the auspices of Success Evangelical Outreach Ministry (SEOMI) God’s Family Church.

“We shouldn’t sit and allow evil to prevail over us. Our calling as men and women of God must be demonstrated through our actions. We are the gatekeeper,” said Rev. Wion.

Speaking on the theme: “Surplus Rain,”  during the observance of SEOMI God’s Family Church’s eighth anniversary on the North Road in Caldwell, Rev. Wion urged Church leaders to see themselves as the bridge between God and the non – believer.

He said people look up to Church leaders in difficult times to give them hope, and for this reason it’s incumbent upon the Church leaders to always seek God’s divine intervention whenever they are facing problems.

“If we must have surplus rain in our lives as Christians, we must break every evil barrier and this will require fasting and praying,” he noted.

He urged the congregation to remain prayerful, adding that Christians can’t fold their hands and cry to God for his blessing upon them, or to get them from whatever situation.

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According to Rev. Wion, it takes actions because Christians are people that believe in God’s words.

He reminded Christians that for God to manifest his words, it takes commitment.

“Today, we are witnessing the evil that is overtaking our country, our various Churches are struggling. Churches begging members, people are suffering while those evil people are living in luxury. This has to stop,” he noted.

The Clergy said the way to go about stopping it is by continuously doing what God has commanded Christians to do.

“My brethren, if you can’t afford to give to the work of God, don’t expect surplus rain in your life because God’s manifestation doesn’t fall on people who are in disobedience with his will and words,” Rev. Wion indicated.

“We are conducting this revival to restore the lost hope of our members, and to bring them closer to God especially during these difficult times”

For his part, Pastor Henry Success Mayson explained that the week-long revival is in commemoration of the Church’s eighth anniversary.

He said at the end of the week-long revival, he is hopeful that members of his congregation and other Churches will testify the wonders of God in their lives.

He extended profound gratitude to his members, guest preachers and visitors for being committed to attending the revival.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/clergyman-launch-spiritual-cleansing-for-liberia/

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