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Commentary: Promote Democracy Not Colonialism

By Togba-Nah Tipoteh

Since the end of World War Two, there continues to be the availability of data indicating the domination and control of the Liberian economy by former colonialists. Almost all national religious, political, civil society, and government leaders in Liberia continue to promote this bad system. It is a bad system because the Constitution of Liberia, the Voice of the People of Liberia, says that it is a bad system, as seen in Chapter I Article 1 of the Constitution.

This bad system is also seen in the access that National Legislators in Liberia have to at least LD200,000 a day and their foreign partners have access to at least LD300,000,000 a day while nearly all of the people of Liberia have access to at most less than LD300 a day (The Annual Reports of CBL, LISGIS, MFDP, MCI, WB, IMF. ADB and UNDP). This a bad system because it has led to poverty generation, which if frustrating to the poor and, at times, leads to coup d’etat and civil war, both of which have been experienced in Liberia and in other countries. In Liberia, these forms of violence have taken the lives of over 300,000 people and injured many more people.

It is this bad and unfair situation that has led the people of Liberia to conclude that Liberia is headed in the wrong direction (Afrobarometer, 2022). This wrong direction takes lives instead of save lives. This wrong direction leads to poverty that has become the pretext for violence. Nearly all of the people of Liberia. who do not know book but have sense, become frustrated by this wrong direction. This wrong direction results in frustration that leads to violence. This wrong direction continues because the powers that be have the need for poverty to continue to satisfy their selfish pursuits.

The prevailing of this selfish posture pf the powers that be means that the prevailing societal situation in Liberia is the rule of outlaw. Under this bad and unfair situation, hat many times there are no investigations. When there are investigations, no reports are made public, if they exist at all. This bad situation includes disappearances, murders and unexplained deaths. However, people who love Liberia continue to raise awareness by promoting the Truth through the Rule of Law, with much success, as seen in the non-re-election of Legislators who wanted to be re-elected.

This raising of awareness continues. It is only through this awareness raising within the Rule of Law that the transformation of the prevailing unfair electoral system is being changed into the enduring fair electoral system. It is only through this transformation that persons with good records can get elected to bring in the system of Justice, the indispensable ingredient for Peace ad Progress in Liberia and in any other Country.

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