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‘Completely irresponsible people’ 

–Boakai descends on CDC

By Lincoln G. Peters 

Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai, former Liberian vice president, now Unity Party (UP) political leader, has described the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government as a completely irresponsible regime.

“We will not sit down and this country … be given to irresponsible people again who will give you promises and can’t do it,” Amb. Boakai said in Ganta, Nimba County over the weekend.

Mr. Boakai and several other opposition leaders are seeking to retire incumbent President George Manneh Weah through the ballot box in the 2023 presidential and legislative elections after one six years term.

He claimed that President Weah and his CDC government have done nothing because they don’t care. 

“You are gambling with your lives. You are gambling with people who are foolish and don’t care,” he warned potential voters against re-electing the CDC to state power ahead of the 2023 elections.

During the induction of the Nimba Movement for Boakai (NIMBO) in Ganta, Amb. Boakai warned that ‘you don’t take what belongs to you and give it to the dog.’

“It’s not play. You don’t do it now or later,” he said. Mr. Boakai vowed not to sit and watch this country be given to irresponsible people again because the image and future of Liberia and Liberians is at stake. 

He argued that people will not take their resources and give them to others who, all they think about is just their mouths like a baby.

“I will turn this around. Three years after my ascendancy to the presidency, Liberians will see a new Liberia,” the former vice president assured his people. 

“I am not just talking …, but this is serious. We know what to do and what is out there,” he continued.

Boakai argued that Liberia is not for a play anymore because the future of the young people is at stake.

He added that six years from now if the CDC is given space again to serve in national leadership, Liberians will say absolute goodbye to their country.

He alleged that Liberia is no longer respected because its image has been derailed by irresponsible people.

Boakai claimed that some countries are just cooperating with Liberia because it exists as a country. 

He accused the CDC government of allegedly going around and using the people’s money which it has stolen to buy votes.

He claimed that the plan is for the regime to return to power and continue stealing and corruption. 

“This is very sad and bad. How many of you are working here? How many schools [are] functioning? How many teachers and civil servants are paid? Nothing!” said Mr. Boakai.

He promised that there will be a new Liberia in 2024 if he is elected Liberia’s president.

He warned that the CDC government is willing to drag this country down, but he is not afraid of them.

Mr. Boakai warned that the CDC government can do all it wants to do to rig the elections, but he believes that the Liberian people will deny the regime re-election.

He lamented that the only way the CDC government will cheat in the 2023 elections is if the Liberian people want them to cheat.

He argued that if Liberians stand and say they want to rescue their country, the government cannot do anything.

Touching on alleged corruption issues, Mr. Boakai vowed that the CDC government will account for all its alleged corrupt activities through audits during a Boakai – led administration.

On Saturday, 24 September, Mr. Boakai and his entourage from the Unity Party visited Ganta City, Nimba County for the induction of the Nimba Movement for Boakai.

Before Boakai’s arrival, residents of Nimba were assembled from various towns and villages and transported at the front of the Jackie Guest House to receive him.

Later, an indoor program was held at the Ganta Methodist gymnasium. It was graced by the All-Liberian Party (ALP) political party leader Benoni Urey, National Democratic Coalition of Liberia, Prof. Alric Tokpah, and Vision For Liberia Transformation Party (VOLT) political leader Dr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe, among others. 

NIMBO was inducted by Unity Party chairman Rev. Luther Tarpeh, while the fundraiser was launched by VOLT political leader Dr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe.

NIMBO was established in February 2022 by past local government officials and others.


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One Comment

  1. The old man is hitting hard. “You don’t take…and give to dogs”. The words of an elder. Now when the young and irresponsible start calling names, we say disrespectful. Please let’s tune this down. We all have skeleton somewhere. The UP can’t boast of clean government – there are records; nor the CPP of higher moral – how your disgracefully ended in court?.

    My free advice is an elder statesman run campaign on two pillars:
    1. What he has done over the decades. Concrete and tangible achievements. When a representative of Boakai visited the US during the last elections was asked this question, she talked forever and provided no answer. Let’s move beyond “park in the garage” excuse. Some of us requested talking points of five achievements we could sell about Boakai, all we got was “the old man is honest”. Yeah right. We know his associates.

    May I reference some achievements of this corrupt CDC we are fighting to counteract:
    A. Dual citizenship which UP failed to pass
    B. Free college tuition
    C. Free WAEC fees
    D. Cuts in salary inherited from UP
    E. Modern town hall in Foyia

    How do we respond?

    2. What he plans to do. And this is a build-on on count 1 above. Musa of Liberty Party said he has no vision, no plans. I want to fight corruption is an old story, much older than the old man himself. And this is the most we hear as though when they were in power, corruption was on break.

    Politics is ugly everywhere. People like the old man because they think he has some decency but invoking parable referencing to others as dogs may not be what some of us expect.

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