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Costa hits at Boakai

- Accused him of instigating Cummings failed lawsuit

Henry Costa, an Executive of the All Liberian Party (ALP), has made startling revelations of how, the purported criminal lawsuit against Mr. Alexander Cummings was orchestrated by former Vice President Joseph Boakai to protect and secure his interest for the Presidency in the October 10, general elections.

Costa told journalists at a news conference, Monday, July 10, that the ALP political Leader, Beniou Urey was personally requested by Mr. Boakai to have filed the lawsuit in order to counteract a provision in the Framework document of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), that would have debarred Mr. Boakai from contesting due to his ill-health.

“Mr. Boakai impressed the ALP political Leader, that he Boakai as the CPP Chairman and an elderly statesman, he could not file such a lawsuit against Mr. Cummings and therefore asked Mr. Urey to institute the court action as a means to thwart the special provision of the CPP framework document which targeted him due to his ailing condition,” Costa said.

Costa spoke of the former Vice President deteriorating health condition and that according to the CPP framework document, it would have declared him unfit to contest the CPP nomination for President of Liberia.

The talk show host, who claimed that a man of God had once prophesied that he will become president of Liberia, lamented the many political gimmicks including false promises and impressions, and also a U$30 million deal, which Mr. Boakai had promised to have selected him as Vice Standard Bearer of the Unity Party in the pending October 10 elections.

Costa expressed disappointment at Mr. Boakai’s political inconsistencies and maneuvering and said despite repeated reassurances that he would not have chosen Nimba County Senator Jeremiah Koung as running mate, he reneged on all his expressed commitments.

According to Cost, Mr. Boakai vowed not to have selected Senator Koung, because according to him, he is aware of the future national security implications due to his close proximity to ex-warlord Prince Johnson, Senator of Nimba County. Costa also narrated how Boakai rejected Grand Bassa County Senator Nogblee Lawrence Karnga, due to her role in the instability of the Liberty Party.

Costa accused Mr. Boakai of attempts to defraud and deprived him of the U$30 million deal, by holding direct discussions with his “financial backers” and tried to smear his reputation with his so-called “financial backers” whose offer was conditioned that he, Costa would be selected as running mate come October 10.

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He made specific reference to Mr. Boakai’s promised of offering the Wologisi Mountain to his so-called financial backers and whatsoever they may have desired in reciprocation for the U$30 million, badly needed to finance the UP campaign for the Presidency.

Costa reported the huge financial support by the ALP as well as his personal resources towards relief assistance and health care for Mr. Boakai, and expressed utmost dismay, that the U$30 million donation by his financial backers was later misconstrued as a setup by the CDC to diminish his Boakai chances for the Presidency as well as kill him on his health trip to the United States.

He told journalists about the existence of several text messages and exchanges between him and Mr. Boakai that will substantial and back all his claims and allegations and said it was disgusting for the UP Standard Bearer to have betrayed their cause and to the extent that he also instigated defection from the ALP to the Unity Party.

There has been no official response from the Unity Party.

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