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Court Arrests another Ex-FIBank Employee

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Criminal Court “C’ has again arrested one of the former employees of the First International Bank Liberia who allegedly stole about US1.2M in 2012. The ten have been on the run for over two years. The court has been in search of them.

Robert Cumings was grabbed and taken to the Monrovia Central Prison recently. This brings a total to four currently behind bars. The others are still on the run. Last week, the court arrested Jermaine Tegli, former head of operations, BeyanDadzi, resident auditor, and Africanus Freeman, cash officer.

He along with others were charged by the Court with the commission of the crime of money laundering, theft of property, criminal conspiracy, facilitation and forgery. Cummings is amongformer ten employees that were first indicted and charged in 2013 on the allegations of money laundering, theft of property criminal conspiracy and facilitation and forgery.

According to court records, “between the periods of January 2012 to February 2013, the defendants allegedly used withdrawal slips, approved, signed and in some instances unsigned and without the knowledge and participation of the customers, diverted an amount of US$1,220,028.54 from the bank.”

The documents further said, “Co-defendants Jermaine Tegli and Africanus Freeman, without any authorization, fraudulently used the bank’s manager’s checks account to withdraw the total amount of US$1,102,859.21,” the court document further stated.

When the bank was contacted, a senior official said he was happy with the action of the court in pursing them. He said, he believes that the court is doing a good work and is confident that justice will prevail. A number of employees of other banks like LBDI, ECOBANK, UBA, and others have been arrested in the past for stealing from these financial institutions in the country.

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