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Cummings gets interactive with marketers in Dist. 2

The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings on Tuesday, September 5, visited several market halls and places, in District # 2, Montserrado County, with marketers everywhere complaining about the harsh business environment and the urgent need for relief.

Cummings’ nearly six-hour tour started from the Omega Market in Paynesville to the Mount Barclay Community Market, the Nimba United Community Market, and the Johnsville Market districts, with marketers clamoring to see him and shake hands with him.

Marketers jubilated as they led Cummings and entourage on a guided tour of their respective markets, lamented the difficult business environment, and the deplorable and unsanitary conditions of the various market communities in District # 2.

The CPP Standard Bearer change agenda for economic recovery includes a U$20 million loan scheme for Liberian entrepreneurs including market women to sustain and grow their businesses which, he said, will start rolling out within the first one hundred days of his Presidency, beginning on October 10.

Mr. Cummings has also promised to enforce the Liberianization policy, which sets aside certain businesses exclusively for Liberians.

The Omega Market is the most densely populated area with an estimated 10,000 marketers, predominantly women of the Kpelleh, Gio, Mano and Grebos ethnic groups mainly engaged in the sale of Agricultural produce.

The Mount Barclay Community Market, constructed by government, and the Nimba United Community Market constructed by Bishop Nimely Donyen, have huge voting populations, followed by the Johnsonville Market District.

Cummings empathized with the marketers over the deplorable state of affairs which, he said is negatively impacting their businesses, but said, there is great hope with his election as the next President to replace the inept leadership of President George Weah.

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Cummings assured Liberians that the CPP Leadership will prioritize economic recovery for massive job creation, through support for a strong and vibrant private sector, controlled by Liberians.

The CPP Standard Bearer’s six-hour encounter with marketers, street peddlers, and ordinary citizens, in District #2, Montserrado County, distributing posters and sharing his vision for real change in Liberia, attracted hundreds of bystanders who hailed him for the new style of political campaign of person-to-person engagement.

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