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Cummings raps on CPP’s National Development Plan

The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings, has assured Liberians of forming a government of inclusion that will restore good governance based on the rule of law and merit systems.

Cummings said a CPP Government will commit to changing the system, processes, expectations of Liberians and enforcing the laws without discrimination, making Liberia a country of laws.

He said a special campaign Policy Team is formulating a national development platform focusing on the financial sector, infrastructure, agriculture, national security, and the creation of a business-friendly environment that will not be over-regulated.

He made the assertions during an interview with Mr. Jeroy Cummings on his Positive Show hosted on the Ramah Christian Radio/TV platform, on Sunday, October 23, in the United States.

The interview covered plans on building a strong immigration service to protect Liberia’s porous borders; empowering Liberians with disabilities; strengthening the Police and Armed Forces of Liberia; resuscitation of the country’s ailing economy as well as diversifying the economy from the extractive industry to expand agriculture and ecotourism sectors badly needed to create jobs and opportunities for Liberians.

Cummings said a CPP Government would train, equip, and ensure adequate funding and living wages for Immigration Officers, Police and Soldiers to perform their statutory functions, respecting the rights of all citizens and foreign nationals wishing to enter, live and work in Liberia. He said civil servants will be paid living wages, promptly and regularly, commensurate with their works, qualifications, and competence. Importantly, he said Liberians with disabilities will be given equal opportunity to acquire skills to earn their livelihood and access public facilities without discrimination.

Responding to concerns about overpopulation of Monrovia, Cummings said decongestion of Monrovia will require creating jobs and opportunities throughout the 15 counties for every Liberian, and decentralization of government services.

He pledged a CPP Government commitment to ensuring good roads (construction and connectivity), reliable water and electricity supply, and network connectivity needed to facilitate increased productivity, trade and commerce.

He said agriculture would be given special preference, by ensuring farmers are empowered, have access to credit that will enable them buy seeds, fertilizer, form cooperatives, pool their resources to acquire equipment needed for large-scale or mechanized farming.

Cummings assured farmers of improved farm to market roads and creation of markets for them to sell their products.

Cummings said Liberia, with a small population of an estimated five million, needs all its citizens to unite and work together, guided and protected by the laws. He said a CPP Government will have absolutely no intention to witch hunt any citizens due to tribal, religious, or political affiliations, but rather every Liberian will be subjected to the law and that any violations will be punishable, without discrimination.


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