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Diaspora mobilizes for Weah’s re-election

PHILADELPHIA: August 8, 2022: –Ahead of the 2023 General and Presidential elections here, Liberians residing in the United States, Europe, Canada, and other parts of the global Diaspora are said to be forming a united front to support president Weah’s second term bid.

The group under the canopy of DIASPORA UNITED FOR WEAH ONE ROUND ELECTION (DUWORE2023), said they will mobilize Liberians across party lines, including independent-minded citizens to combine their efforts in ensuring that President George Manneh Weah is re-elected in the first round of the 2023 elections.

In a statement signed by Wilmot Kunney, the organizing Chairman of DUWORE2023, the group noted that to achieve its mission, DUWORE 2023 will mobilize financial resources from thousands of Liberians residing in the Diaspora, provide technical assistance, as well as design strategic and tactical political action plans for the President re-election in close collaboration with the general campaign committee and the Mighty Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC). 

DUWORE 2023 applauds President Weah for his tireless efforts in the reconstruction of Liberia, especially in the areas of road construction to achieve road connectivity and investment in human capital development thru the tuition-free program for public universities and colleges.

Additionally, the signing into Law of iconic legislations such as the Kamara Abdullah Kamara (KAK) Act that repeals the anti-democratic libels laws, the dual citizenship bill that ensures that once and Liberian always a Liberia, and the revenue sharing law that facilitates and promotes the decentralization of governance among many others, are all phenomenal achievements of President Weah that has galvanized   Liberians in the Diaspora to eagerly support his re-election bid, and to ensures that he wins in the first round of the 2023 Presidential elections.

Accordingly, DUWORE 2023 will adopt an effective media infrastructure to disseminate the President’s accomplishments, defend and repel baseless and unwarranted attacks against the President, including deceitful and dubious opposition campaign tactics against his reelection.

After a series of consultations, members of the Diaspora United for Weah One Round Election overwhelming elected Mr. Wilmot Kunney of the state of Pennsylvania as its global Chairman and Mr. Jerome Gayman of the state of Florida as its Co-Chairman.

The Chairman Mr.  Kunney is a prominent Liberian in the Diaspora. He is a former President of the Union of Liberia Associations in the Americas (ULAA), and currently, the Chief Political Analyst on the popular social media TV and Radio platform Focus on Liberia, where he first predicted President Weah ONE ROUND ELECTION THEORY in 2019. 

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One Comment

  1. Kunney’s leadership of ULAA was a disaster, with a selfish focus on “only” dual citizenship for diaspora Liberians that never came to fruition. He’s also unaware of the poorly informed tuition free policy for public universities, substandard road construction, the silence of critical voices, open corruption, murder of innocent government auditors, etc.

    That said, supporting Weah’s bid for second term is self-centered, meant to allow the smooth transition of these so-called diaspora folks (including Kunney) to government appointed positions back home, and not in the interest of the everyday Liberians.

    And unfortunately, there’s no opposition as criminal Benoni Urey and Squanderer Joseph Boika have no credibility, and Cummings (prior) alignment with such individuals showed desperation…..leaving the Liberian people with no other choice but Weah.

    So, Weah second term as an incumbent armed with state resources including control of NEC which is headed by his appointee in a developing nation, is certain…unless the masses take to the streets to reject it.

    Thus Kunney’s open support for Weah’s second term is a classic form of hustle to for integrating into lucrative government positions in Liberia, and not for the common good of all Liberians.

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