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Don’t disappoint us

Vice President Joseph NyumahBoakai has inducted officers-elect of the student council government of the United Methodist University (U.M.U.) in central Monrovia with a urge to Liberian students not to disappoint the country.

Serving as keynote speaker and installing officer over the weekend at the First United Methodist Church at the intersection of Gurley and Ashmun Streets, Vice President Boakai said it is always a fulfilling moment to thrive in molding the new breed of Liberian leaders, entrepreneurs and good citizens.

He urged the student council and all young people across the country to be self-discipline and self-motivated with good deportment to join him in standing against profanity in public discourse, hasty resort to violence as a mean of problem solving.

“As I have often reminded students, you are being molded into productive citizens; make up a critical asset in this country as are your peers in any giving country. Our reliance is that if and when given the much needed space and wherewithal to prove yourselves, you will not disappoint us” VP Boakai told the students.

He also cautioned young people aga8inst unwise use of time and energy on useless and often times dangerous activities in their respectively communities. It’s my prayer that you who mount the stage of leadership today will stand tall, not allowing your administration to stoop to the low of poor leadership”, he added.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Vice President Boakai are alumni of the formerly College of West Africa (C.W.A.) now the United Methodist University. Amb.Boakai noted that for the most part, school days are the best days in life, though they may not turn out to be the happiest.

He called on the elected officers to work hard in uplifting the council and be good to their fellow students, because “they are the same people you will meet out there tomorrow.” VP Boakai urged the larders to have faith in themselves and their capacity to do well with a strong conviction that honesty, humility and hand work do pay, while dishonesty and arrogance only destroy.

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Those inducted are Jah Wolobah Beyan, President; Archie Hall Ragland, Vice President; L. Theophilus Forkpah, Secretary and Isaac F. Doe, Financial Secretary, respectively.

Others are Lovetta Pello, Vice President, senior class; Willimay H. Sandi, Vice President, junior class, Laydia Kangar, Vice President, Sophomore Class; Oretha Zeongar, Financial Secretary – senior class, and Amos Sumo Vice President, freshman class.

The president of the student council government, Mr. Jah Wolobah Beyan, commended the students for their resilience, trust, confidence and overwhelming support. He said the leadership is informed by the rich and enduring legacy of the forbearers of the student populace on campus, adding, “We come at a time that the United Methodist University is the most popular private tertiary institution – most decentralized and fastest growing university in the Republic of Liberia.”

Mr. Beyan cautioned fellow students not to allow pride to over them and sit supinely in satisfaction thinking they have found fulfillment. He rather challenged them to work together in turning the institution into a hub to produce great statesmen and professionals.


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