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‘Don’t trade our votes’ 

–Nimbaians warn Dr. Whapoe

By Lincoln G. Peters 

Nimbaians have warned opposition Vision for Liberia Transformation Party (VOLT) standard bearer Dr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe not to trade their votes.

During the weekend, Whapoe’s kinsmen told him that when they give him their votes in the upcoming 10 October presidential and legislative elections, he should ensure that they are not traded. 

Residents of the vote rich Nimba County are expected to endorse Dr. Whapoe’s presidential bid.

A political movement under the banner “Chairperson of Nimba” held an elaborate meeting in Monrovia and Nimba County over the weekend.

Through a spokesman Mr. Alfred Duo, the group warned Dr. Whapoe to ensure that their votes are not traded during the coming elections. 

“We will be endorsing you as our son of Nimba County so that we can make you our choice in this election,” said Mr. Duo.

“However, we have called this meeting before the actual program because we don’t want you to disappoint us by trading our votes.” 

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Duo narrated that this is the problem the Nimba people have with one of their sons and they don’t want that to repeat. 

“We hope that every decision taken will be done in consultation with the county,” he pleaded.

According to Mr. Duo, Nimba has all it takes to make a president, ranging from population and finance. As such, he said they don’t want to trade the presidency this time for little or nothing. 

Responding to the citizens’ concerns, Dr. Whapoe vowed that he would never trade the votes of Nimba. 

He described Nimba County as a unique county and extolled the group for deciding to support him.

The VOLT standard bearer stressed that Nimba has long been deprived of the presidency.

“I want to tell you [to] thank you for coming to Monrovia to have this meeting with me. Even though I was unaware …, this is serious that’s why you came,” said Dr. Whapoe. 

“Now, I want to assure you that I will not trade your votes. Your votes will be protected as you have reposed your confidence in me, that is the same way I will protect your choice,” Dr. Whapoe noted. 

He promised that even if he doesn’t make it to the run-off of the election, he will make sure that any decisions that will be taken will reach the county and he will consult the elders, youth, and women. 

“I don’t know [it] all and so I depend on you people to guide me. Therefore, I cannot make any decisions behind you. But, I again want to assure you that I will not trade your votes,” he promised. 

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