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ECOWAS and AU will not accept lawlessness

--Ex-Nigerian President warns

By Lincoln G. Peters

Former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has sent a caveat to political parties and individuals against taking the laws into their hands during and after these election periods.

Mr. Jonathan who heads the West Africa Elder Forum Elections Observation to Liberia said the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the African Union (AU) will not accept lawlessness.

Mr. Jonathan made a brief remark during ECOWAS and AU’s preliminary report on Liberia’s election over the weekend.

Mr. Jonathan strongly warned political parties and individuals against taking the laws into their hands and ensure that the court is used to address their plight.

According to him, Liberians, especially political parties and actors must ensure that the peace of Liberia is maintained by all and every political actor and parties.

He pointed out that people from Liberia know that everybody is watching them, therefore, all stakeholders must take step to maintain the peace and don’t go against the law of the land.

“Why we agree that there are legal processes to follow, we don’t want people to take law into their hands. ECOWAS and AU will not accept … [it] because the entire world is here and we are watching,” Mr. Jonathan stated.

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According to him, there can be no offices for state actors or political parties if the country is not in tight and peaceful.

Goodluck Jonathan who is currently in Liberia observing the Liberian election process, appealed to political parties and actors to remain peaceful as the National Elections Commission (NEC) announced preliminary results.

“We urged the people of Liberia especially the key holders to remain peaceful during this period that they are collecting and announcing preliminary results,” said Mr. Jonathan.

“Even after they have announced the results, we emphasize that we must get a country before you can get any office,” he added.

He noted that whether you want to be a member of the House of Senate, Representatives or a governor, Liberia must remain in tight, noting that Liberia belongs to all, not an individual.

The former Nigerian President informed Liberians that there is a huge presence of international observes in the country, extolling them for their presence and impact.

He indicated that it’s the first of its kind for him to see such an influx of international observes and so it speaks to the fact that they take the Liberian elections seriously.

“I can command the NEC for the registration process. I also want to command the NEC for being in the position for conducting their first election after the UN team has gone out,” said Mr. Jonathan.

He noted that they were all worried, but what they have observed means that the NEC is competent to conduct further elections in Liberia with a minimum technical assistance from an international body.

“Let me very sincerely on behalf of the West African Elder Forum congratulate the people of Liberia for this fortunate election,” he said.

“We have seen that democracy is really consolidating in the country,” he said.

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  1. The formal Nigerian President puts in sight his appropriate comments. However, this election activities should renovate the minds of some Nigerians and other Africans who regard Liberian as partial American to see that the slave trade did not permit that. There is a big difference between Liberia and U.S.A.. Also the past civil war explains the tradition, culture of Liberia. The process will also point the facts of the most to free enterprise in Africa. On our currencies. On who should own them. That the Liberian people on the West Coast look at Ghana as the palava hut for this region while the coups in Niger and other African countries be handed by ECOWAS as an economic issue. For ECOMOG was established to protect the economy of all West African nations and it’s people there with. Not to be used as sanctions remedies for imperial entities. There is a reason for every overthrow. There is also a reason for unmanaged or unfair election. Majority by popularity Vs by constitutional provisions must be defined by traditional Africa at the palava hut. We should eradicate war and massive destruction while we resolve to deal with the issues with those uneven few at the African hut. Every Joseph is not the same son of David. Africa and the rest of the world.
    Let our empirical culture be the example for generations.

  2. The election process proves the competence of this version of NEC. For example, the ability of the chair who’s natural traditional fits the cultural norms and values of Liberian women. It is a Liberian woman who beats the burden of her child up to voting age. Thus the sight is focused when a natural female Liberian is at the place where she can see the right to vote and not to. We admit the public in waiting for the results. There can be only one Liberia. Vote your conscience when time. Our eyes are on trouble makers. No matter how hard you try to dismantle the peace and prosperity of this nation, there will be no more war here. We will handle the destroy without harming the people.

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