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Editorial: A need for restraint

As the National Elections Commission announces provisional results from the November 14, 2923, Presidential Runoff Election, it is important that supporters of the opposition Unity Party and the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change exercise restraint and avoid any acts of provocation.

Pre-victory parade by UP supporters reportedly led by Monterrado County Electoral District#10 Representative-Elect, Yekeh Kolubah is unwarranted, when the NEC has not announced a winner and therefore, should be stopped immediately.

There is no reason why any side should rush to celebrate when victory has not been declared officially. Such an act is nothing but sheer provocation that could erupt in chaos and violence Liberia does not need.

Party adherents argue that they have tally sheets in their possession that seem to indicate their side performed exceptionally well in the runoff poll, motivating them to jump into the streets with celebration, but such claim is yet to be officially substantiated.

Liberians, particularly leaders of political parties should be reminded again and again that violence is counterproductive to Liberia’s democratic advancement and should have no place in our body politics, after 14 years of bloody civil war that left 250,000 compatriots dead, including women, children and the elderly.

Besides, the global community is currently overwhelmed by armed conflicts, ranging from Europe, the Middle East to the Sahel or Sub-Saharan Africa, and does not have the time and resources to come nurse fresh conflict in Liberia, after spending hundreds of millions here to restore democratic rule.

From a total of 20 presidential candidates in the first round of election, we are now left with only two candidates to make a choice. Results of our choices on 14 November are being announced by the NEC, a body that is constitutionally responsible to conduct elections in Liberia and announce results. The Commission should be allowed to do its work, void of distortion and disturbance. 

We welcome statements released by both the ruling CDC and the opposition UP on Wednesday, 15 November calling on their respective supporters and Liberians generally to exercise patience, as the Elections Commission releases progressive results that will lead to declaring a winner.

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Lest we forget, this country has a lot to achieve in peace than in conflict. We must all endeavor to keep the path of peace not only for this generation but for posterity.

The next generation of Liberians will judge us very unkindly if those of us calling ourselves leaders, don’t demonstrate true leadership that unites a nation in diversity regardless of religious, political, cultural and socio-economic differences.   

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  1. We will protect the result of the runoff as soon as it is announced appropriately by the NEC Chair.

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