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Editorial: Recommitting Our Resolve

Two years ago today on January 22, 2010, the vision of establishing a professionally strong print medium (newspaper) on the Liberian media landscape gave birth to the New Dawn Liberia, a bilingual daily. Owned and operated by the Search Light Communications, Incorporated, the paper provides coverage in both English and French, reporting on politics, economics, business and general social issues about Liberia and the rest of the world.

Our primary aim is promoting profession journalism, sustainable democracy, respect for human rights and good governance, while serving as a platform for debate and free exchange of ideas. In the last two years, we have endeavoured to keep that commitment amidst countless challenges, sometimes orchestrated by foes, who are bent on doing everything possible to see us fail. God forbid!

With our overriding commitment to upholding and demonstrating professionally ethical standards in the execution of our job, we are destined for success. This is why in just two years, we have won the confidence of the reading public and secured an enviable position on the media landscape both locally and internationally, much to the discomfort of those who took our entry for granted.

The New Dawn is truly independent, dedicated to the building of a politically strong, economically viable and socially cohesive Liberia as demonstrated through our reportage in the past two years. However, sometimes some members of the public, particularly politicians and government officials view us as enemy, if a specific headline or news story did not meet their expectation.

On this journey, our business clients or advertisers and many subscribers have stood by us, providing moral encouragement. We appreciate their solidarity and want to assure them that we are here to stay, grow and expand to meet all service demands in line with ethical standards.

In two years, we succeeded in moving from a tri-weekly paper to a daily, relocating from the former Ministry of National Defense building on Benson Street to a spacious environment on top of Crown Hill, Broad Street, and acquiring a state of the art two colour printing press when other older papers were still in their little corners, gradually perishing because of lack of vision.

As we commemorate two years of providing ethically balanced coverage of events shaping our country and the global community, we renew our resolve to serving the public in the years ahead with dedication and quality journalism.

Coming up soon is a weekend paper, exclusively dedicated to entertainment, professionally designed with you in mind for your reading pleasure to get you away from the most often hot political stories that characterised almost all of the dailies.

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The management and staff of the Search Light Communications Incorporated say hats off to you our loyal subscribers and business partners for standing by us during the period under review. We recommit our resolve to providing the platform through which the exchange of fertile ideas will continue to flourish in building a stronger democracy for Liberia where respect for human rights, political tolerance  and the promotion of socio-economic values will take precedent over those vices that retard development and growth.

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