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Electronic money operator eWallie gets CBL approval

By Lincoln G. Peters 

A Liberian – owned electronic money business called eWallie has received a license from the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) to operate as a legally registered business in Liberia.

An electronic wallet is a platform that is used to send and pay bills, pay salaries, buy goods and services and do online shopping, among others.

Mr. Abdullah L. Kamara, Executive Officer (CEO) of eWallie told a recent press conference that the fintech mobile company is prepared to do long-term development services in the financial industry of Liberia.

He said the financial electronic wallet payment platform is a 100% Liberian – owned company determined to have a positive impact in the electronic wallet money transfer and exchange industry with the potential to create hundreds of jobs for several Liberians here.

Mr. Kamara explained that the company also aims to have a much stronger grip on the Liberian economy before allowing international investment partnerships to have a shared collaboration in the fintech industry.

“This mobile fintech company will engage in hospital bills and school fees payment services across the country. However, we will also support resellers and distributors including SATCON utility bills so as to enable key services of financial transactions to have the opportunity of complete cash flow management,” Kamara noted.

Kamara pointed out that the transaction is easy and fast, noting that the registration process is in five steps that enable clients or the public to download the eWallie App from the Google Play Store or Apple App store to create a client account.

“If an individual download the App, all the person needs to do is to click on the business and personal details and follow the instructions,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kamara noted that eWallie will also engage in a dual currency exchange program instead of only dealing with point of sale (POS) payment on its App.

He disclosed that since 2008, eWallie has been operating on a small scale since its operational license was being processed at the Central Bank of Liberia until September 2021 when the Government of Liberia through the Central Bank decided to grant the go-ahead operational license.


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