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EPA Lacks Trained Human Resources

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has disclosed that it faces lack of trained human resources and logistical challenges, in the accomplishment of the tremendous roles it’s playing in assuaging causes and finding lasting solutions to the environmental problems in the country.

According to Madam Anyaa Bohiri, Executive Director of the EPA, “in our mitigating role we are doing water test sampling and others, this can’t be absolutely done in the absence of laboratory facilities in the country”.

Madam Bohiri disclosed that currently the EPA is staffed with 150 human resources, “out of the total, about 100 are high school leavers who have capacity problems but are working in a technical institution”.

Anyaa Bohiri, earlier told a conference of environmental experts, exactly one day prior to the floating of a proposal for Liberia, to phase out the management of Hydro chlorofluorocarbon (HPMP).

The hosting of the consultative and validation workshop for stakeholders, took off from 21-22 December, at the Liberia Chamber of Commerce in Monrovia. In July this year, Liberia joined industrialized countries to declare Hydro chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) as harmful chemical and considered it a control substance pending its phase out by 2020 as it awaits a ban on the importation and the usage of it.

The chemical, Refrigerant 22(R-22) is currently being targeted to be faded out, while Refrigerant 502(R-502) has been totally faded out of use. There are four other refrigerants chemicals which are recommended for use, they are: 134a(R-134a), 404a(R-404a), 407c(R-407c) and HC (R-600a).

Consequently, Refrigerant 22(R-22), hampers the existence of life, the environment and all living creatures on Planet Earth, and affects the human race greatly. This substance has already been depleted since ten years ago in developed countries.

The workshop will draw up strategies and vindicate it to suit Liberia address to the depletion of the ozone layer in the first ten years period. As part of the strategies, a special office settled at the EPA on the Ozone layer, will train, validate and monitor the success to safe guide the nation’s environmental future.

Speaking at the proposed phase out HPMP management plan workshop, Mr. Earl A. R. Neblett, Supervisor for Environmental Quality and Standard or focal point person of EPA, said faded out chemical has  an adverse effect on the human race, that is why it must be reduced or eliminated to ensure and set a standard in the country.

One of the major players in creating ozone free and friendly nation is the Liberia Refrigeration, Air conditioners Engineering Technicians Union, with about 400 memberships comprising the local technicians and experts.

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