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‘Exercise political maturity’

–Samukai urges Boakai's allies

By Lincoln G. Peters

Former Liberian Defense Minister Brownie Samukai is appealing to disenchanted allies of presidential hopeful Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai to exercise political maturity and not break things apart.

“Tomorrow is at hand. Let us not break things apart only because Amb. Boakai did not choose you as his running mate. This is the time to demonstrate political maturity,” Samukai pleaded with his opposition colleagues over the weekend.

His appeal is on account of an obvious disenchantment among several opposition leaders who feel let down after Boakai chose Nimba Senator Jeremiah Koung as his running mate, instead of one of his old allies who had backed his presidential bid for years.

A Lofa native, Samukai is a kinsman of Amb. Boakai and he won the 2020 senatorial election in Lofa County on Boakai’s Unity Party (UP) ticket before the court here denied him of taking office over his conviction in a criminal trial.

Mr. Samukai however, pleaded with Grand Bassa County Senator Nyonblee Karngar-Lawrence, All Liberian Party political leader Mr. Beniona Urey and others to demonstrate political maturity despite not being selected by Amb. Boakai.

Interviewed over the weekend by Spoon FM, Mr. Samukai reminded Liberty Party (LP) political Sen. Karnga-Lawrence, Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, Mr. Urey, and others that they have a future in the country.

“I want to tell my brothers and sisters, whether it’s Senator Karnga-Lawrence, Urey, Henry P. Costa, [or] Mr. Urey, all of them have a future in our country,” said Mr. Samukai.

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Senator Karnga-Lawrence, Senator Dillon, Mr. Urey, and some of Mr. Boakai’s allies did not attend the ceremony during which he named Koung as his running mate on Friday, 28 April 2023.

Their absence led many to suspect their dissatisfaction with Boakai’s decision.

“It’s time to tell the young people, as eager as you are, you will not throw everything away. Please give him the future,” Samukai continued. 

“Show to Liberians that your support toward him was not selfish, and self-centered,’’ Samukai admonished them further.

According to him, it’s time for the unhappy Boakai allies to embrace the future.

“Let us demonstrate political maturity. You saw what happened with me during the election in 2020 where I spent … tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

“I won the seat overwhelmingly, but they took the seat from me. But what did I do? Nothing, because I know that there is a future,” Samukai explained. 

He noted that this is the kind of maturity he wants his fellow opposition leaders to show and know that there is a future.

He further indicated that the pronouncement of Senator Jeremiah Koung as Amb. Boakai’s running mate was based on a series of conversations and consultations held with individuals for many months.

Mr. Samukai disclosed that it’s the desire and aspiration of Liberians to see the kind of change that former Vice President Boakai and Koung will bring as they put themselves together.

“Senator Karnga-Lawrence is a very excellent and astute politician. Jeremiah Koung is also a successful businessman and politician,” said Mr. Samukai. 

He also indicated that Mr. Costa is a good intellectual and aspiration of young people with a great future, adding that the same goes for Mr. Urey. 

“However, they should understand that only one person can occupy that position. This is the reason why I believe that all of us who are Liberians should know that only one person Amb. Boakai can choose.’’

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  1. Oldman Boakai is a backstabber and a betrayer. Sold Liberia for PYJ bloody altar. He’s not going anywhere. STOP wasting time Samukai. There will be no second chance for you to corrupt again.

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