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French Envoy Named in Sex Scandal

While some may find it difficult to comprehend, others may just see some degree of validity in it. That’s the story of a sex scandal which has rocked a foreign diplomatic mission in Monrovia.

When a charming young lady, referring to herself only as Rose, approached a group of journalists last Thursday in Central Monrovia, it was believed that she had gone to visit with one .

But that was not the case. Rose had gone to complain their misfortune with the French Ambassador accredited near Monrovia for allegedly refusing to pay a balance of US$300.00 after she and her friend sexually satisfied him at his residence on the Old Road, Congo Town.

“He only gave us one hundred U.S Dollars and said he would pay the balance the next day,” Rose further narrated. According to her, the French Ambassador committed himself to paying US$400.00 after negotiating with them at the Red Lion Night Club in Central Monrovia.

“He told us to go to him the next day. But since that time, we cannot see him. That is why we decided to come to the press,” she claimed.

“All we know when we go out and anyone comes to us, we talk and go; then after, they give our stuff. Whether it is wrong or not, I don’t know,” she responded when quizzed about the legality of their trade.

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She also noted that they both could have taken the matter to court, but the lack of money prevented them from doing so.

“And so, the only choice we had was to come to the press since we don’t have money to pay lawyers; If we had money, we were going to go to court and get good money from him,” Rose further noted.

Although Rose thought about suing the Ambassador, it is not known how she and her friend would have gone about it, as prostitution is illegal in Liberia.

She threatened to visit the Ambassador’s residence in demand of their money if they did not get it by Friday (last week). The girls are reported to have indeed visited the Ambassador’s residence in the Old Road but could not go through the gate. To attract public attention, they reportedly alarmed, shouting to see him for their money.

A private security guard assigned at the Ambassador’s residence also confirmed to the New Dawn-Liberia that the girls had gone to the compound with another girl to disturb, but were stopped by his colleagues on duty.

The Ambassador and the girls had been meeting at the Red Lion Night Club on a number of occasions, but were never in any discussion regarding ‘sex trade’.

“We were so surprised on this day to be attracted to him. I do not know what he saw on us. When he saw us, he called and we agreed to his request. We did our part to really satisfy him, and so all we want is our money. We will continue to go   to the press until we get our money,” Rose added.

When the French Embassy was contacted yesterday for comments, the secretary to the French Ambassador, only referred to as Shirley, informed this paper that the Ambassador would issue a press statement on the matter today, Tuesday, at 5pm.

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