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Gender Coordinator Stabs Mate

The Gender Ministry Coordinator in River Gee County, Veronica Tanyon, has reportedly stabbed Fish Town City Mayor Martha Jarboe’s 32-year-old daughter, Margret Steward, with a kitchen knife during a quarrel over a boyfriend.

River Gee County Attorney Wesseh A. Wesseh told this paper via mobile phone Thursday that the perpetrator will be indicted next Monday and transfer from the Fish Town Magisterial Court to the Circuit Court before Judge Karboi Nuta for prosecution.

Attorney Wesseh said defendant Veronica Tanyon faces the crime of aggravated assault for stabbing victim Margret in the head, and taking away her US$700.00 before spoiling her jewelries, among others.

Earlier, our River Gee County source informed this paper that on Wednesday night, defendant Tanyon, believed to be a widow, engaged her boyfriend only identified as Morris into a fight at a local entertainment center – Uncle Ben Hotel. Morris has been identified as an employee of UNHCR assigned in Harper, Maryland County.

Defendant Veronica Tanyon had earlier sent food by a little child for Morris at the hotel before proceeding there herself where she allegedly met Morris and Margret in the room. Following the tussle that allegedly left Margret sustaining severe wounds on her head, she was rushed to the Fish Town Health Center for medication.

In a follow up, Fish Town City Mayor Martha Jarboe claimed that the boyfriend Morris was jailed by police following the incident, but alleged that the perpetrator was “not in police custody.” She said her daughter Margret and Morris were working on a computer when Morris’ fiancée Veronica attacked her.

“What hurts me most is that the perpetrator is not under police custody after stabbing my daughter; my daughter returned from the hospital but her head is still bleeding,” said Mayor Jarboe.

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The Mayor questioned why a gender coordinator would always stab people for “man business” instead of executing her mandate to curtail gender related problems in society. “She has been doing this to others, and not even her first time,” narrated Mayor Jarboe.

However, River Gee County Attorney Wesseh A. Wesseh said the crime is “bailable” and that defendant Veronica has filed a criminal appearance bond to guarantee her stay outside while awaiting indictment slated for Monday, December 10, 2012.

Attorney Wesseh said he will file a motion to advance trial on Monday, saying “While I’m here, I will make sure that every crime will be investigated and prosecuted to ensure the security of our people under the law.

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