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Genuine Democracy in Grand Kru is a Must

This article corroborates one written earlier by Mr. J. Forkay Sayon Nagbe of District# 2 regarding the disproportionate political representation in Grand Kru County. Apparently, Mr. Nagbe is cognizant of the geopolitics in Grand Kru and sees the unfairness in the political representation of Kru and Grebo people.

Thus, to correct the wrong of the past and promote harmony in the County, we (citizens of Grand Kru, as well as citizens of Liberia) are obligated to ensure that the next Junior Senator of Grand Kru (whether a candidate of UP, NUDP, CDC, APD, or MPC) hails from District#1 (Sass Town, Buah, Dorboh, Fokpo, Jloh).

According to Mr. Nagbe, the power base of the County is concentrated in District# 2: two senators of the County (Cletus Wotorson and Blamo Nelson), the Superintendent (Roseline Sneh) and one representative (Wesseh Blamo) are from District# 2.  Representative G. Wesseh Blamo of District# 2 is also Chairman of Unity Party local leadership. In contrast with District# 1, there’s only one representative, Gbenimah B. Slopadoe.  

Being silent on this issue does not in any way help the county nor does it promote unity and cooperation in the county. When both Senators (Cletus Wotorson and Blamo Nelson) are from the same district representing the entire county and the power base of the county is concentrated in one district (their district), then there’s something fundamentally downright wrong with politics or democracy in Grand Kru.

Therefore, any backdoor negotiations or attempts to support Senator Nelson, Superintendent Sneh or Mr. Keller in their quest to become the next Grand Kru Junior Senator is disingenuous to the citizens of Grand Kru, especially District# 1.

Moreover, where only two districts exist, senators and representatives should be apportioned in such a way to ensure all ethnic groups are adequately represented, particularly in the case of Grand Kru County. A cosmetic approach on this issue won’t cut it.

A primary yardstick for the selection of the next junior senator in Grand Kru County is to determine which district he or she hails from. All those aspiring for the junior senatorial position, including Sen. Blamo Nelson, Superintendent Roseline Sneh and Victor   Keller of District# 2, must be told unequivocally that the senatorial seats in the county are to be shared between the two electoral districts.  No district is superior to the other.  District# 1 must bring forth credible citizens to contest the junior senatorial position, as Senator Wotorson is already representing District# 2 as a senior senator.

Most counties are sensitive to the issue of equal political representation and have adopted appropriate measures. Grand Kru County should be no different and any backdoor negotiation or attempt to impose a candidate from District# 2, whether Senator Nelson, Superintendent Sneh or Mr. Keller, does not bold well for our fledgling democracy. Any political party supporting such a scheme brings its democratic credentials into question.  In 21st century Liberia, political parties have the moral obligation to correct the wrongs instituted by past insensitive, undemocratic administrations.

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It is our sincere hope that conscience and a desire to practice genuine democracy will guide the decision of Senator Blamo Nelson, Superintendent Roseline Sneh and Mr. Victor Keller, all of District# 2, to stay out of the upcoming Grand Kru County junior senatorial race in the interest of promoting unity in the county. District# 1 truly deserves a senator. We hope that political parties will also have the will power and rectitude to dissuade District# 2 junior senatorial aspirants from contesting.

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