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Lord, Let Them Talk, They Haven’t Seen Anything Yet – 1.

But da those ungrateful and useless people you will listen to, as for talking, they will talk and they will always talk. So if you mind the noise in the market you will not buy your little dry karnkpe to cook your fufu soup.

Dear Father,

You know for a second there, I didn’t know how important I was to our village. I mean for more than two months now my name has continued to be the subject for gossips, isn’t that wonderful?

You mean the bessa body them na want to put your name down? Yes, oo Father. But you see, I have always told you how special you are. Nobody will make issue out of you if you are not important. And it has just started because they haven’t seen anything yet.

Ehn da your supporters they are looking for all around the place? They will stay long inside; their own them they are getting under the tables who talking about it. If they want to know how you made it to where you are they better come and ask rather than spreading rumors.

But da those ungrateful and useless people you will listen to, as for talking, they will talk and they will always talk. So if you mind the noise in the market you will not buy your little dry karnkpe to cook your fufu soup.

But you know Father, they haven’t heard anything yet. My only prayer is that they live longer to see what I will become tomorrow. For some of them da breaking heart will carry them to their early graves if they are not there already. They way they are already frustrated and lying all over the place sef. They’ve forgotten to know that their own dignity and respect are at stake. Leave them, they will not feel it now but it will hunt them in the future.

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I say, let me ask you ya, so what are they really talking about? Ah, you see, da the same thing I am talking here, you did not ask me from the beginning you went and put your mouth inside. Now, after talking plenty, it na throat you na da the time you want to ask question. Father can you imagine this? Okay, I will still tell you.

Father, this thing is so funny. You know, ever since I graduated from the society bush, the people na want to leave me in peace. All they are thinking is that all their society thing then I will put it outside.

The first thing the big Zoe did was to make me look like one common rouge, then the next thing my lay machine I bought from the society they came to say it for them. Again they sent blue uniform people to my little hideout to fetch me like a little rat in a hole-the way they dragged me sef one of my wise friends had to come in and plea for me.

Father, I just looked at them and laughed. I said, since you want to act like the small children where when they gave you something and your make palaver they can want it back, you take the machine and let the money stay. And they took it? But Father, you know how the people from that society bush are so shameless, no wonder they are the way they are, but for how long?

Now, to show you how selfish people are, they are now going all around the place spreading gossips about who behind me or not. Wait now, they na want anybody to be behind you? What about them and da people behind them too? I know to them? They think after leaving the society bush by doing all these things to me my life would have ended there.

But as I said they haven’t seen anything yet. But don’t you think they are underestimating you? Overestimating or underestimating oo, I don’t care. One good thing I know is that their juju can’t do me anything. This village is for all of us and I will not be here and allow any uncircumcised Philistines intimidate me whether you old politician or not.

Those who fear you are people who have things to hide and are afraid of being exposed. And to borrow my friend words I am already wounded so “I don’t care for no dudu gut.” You declared me enemy for life I will also treat you the same way. And don’t even make any stupid move because you don’t really know me like the way you think you do because I will deal with you before you can realize it.

I can be very peaceful and obedient if I choose to and can be very arrogant again if I choose to. Father, please tell them, because nobody knows me like they think they do. If you pick a fight with me you must get ready, because if you come against me with a stick, I will come back with a plank. If you come with a knife, I will come with a cutlass and don’t bring gun because your generation will regret.

You can talk your talk. I heard da my name na go to Uncle Sam’s village and all as to who my supporters are. For that you can go ahead because it just demonstrates your own frustration. But please don’t tempt me. You have gotten all that you wanted please leave me alone.

Whether I do prostitution work to get money to start my lay thing da one da na your business, it should be my family and I subject to worry about, forget about me, I don’t want trouble this is too much now.

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