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Give generously to God’s work

-Rev. Dr. Weagba 

A United Methodist prelate, the Rev. Dr. George K. Weagba, has challenged Liberians, especially Christians to give generously, including helping the less fortunate in society.

 He said there is joy in giving to the work of God, recalling that in the Holy Bible, the Apostle Paul raised money for the Church because the Church in Jerusalem was poor, he raised money in Corinth, but some of the people, who promised to give, failed to fulfill their vow.

Preaching on the theme, “Give generously; reap generously” during worship at the David Gueh Memorial United Methodist Church in Paynesville where he served as guest preacher on Sunday, April 12, 2015, Rev. Dr. Weagba, who is also Vice President for Research at the United Methodist University in Monrovia, said the love for God should be demonstrated through action, saying, “It is not enough to say I love God; God needs to see it in action.”

He said like the church of Corinth, such bad attitude is found in most Churches in Liberia where when a program is being held, people go and make promises, but after the program, they are nowhere to be found.

Sunday’s worship service at David Gueh UMC, coincided with a fund-raising rally to roof the Church’s edifice. At the close of the rally, over 24,000 Liberian Dollars and US$325.00 were collected for the project.

The David Gueh United Methodist Church is headed by Rev. K. Richard Tononlah.

Rev. Weagba said giving is like planting during farming season. “When you throw the seed”, he explained, “are you scare about the way you do it; when you take the seed, you spread it; the way they are thrown, that just how you are going to reap. The more we sow, the more we will reap.”

He challenged the congregation to give generously, saying, “That is why Galatians says, if you sow meanly, you will reap meanly. Jesus says, give and it will be given back to you.”

“In the Church, society and neighborhood, God has blessed us, but we refused to share with our neighbor. We leave our homes and come to Church, but the Church lacks doors, and windows and we do nothing about it. The Bible says whatever we sow, we will reap; it may not be now; it may be some time.”


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