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Gongloe questions Boakai’s pick

Senator Jeremiah Koung, the man recently chosen by former Vice President Joseph Boakai as his running mate, has come under sharp scrutiny about his public service, directly being linked to corruption at the Liberian Legislature.

The attack on Senator Koung comes from a former fierce political rival, Madam Edith Gongloe-Ware, who says she has evidence that Koung was accused of stealing legislative funds while serving in the House of Representatives.

Both Koung and Madam Gongloe-Ware contested for the Nimba senatorial seat in 2020, which the latter narrowly lost despite going to court. 

Appearing on OK FM on Thursday, May 4, in Monrovia, Madam Gongloe-Ware, sister of Presidential hopeful Cllr. Tiawan Saye Gongloe, said, “At least I know Jeremiah Koung. This is somebody, who is accused of stealing legislative money.”

She says the fundamental problems facing Liberia and most African countries are rule of law and corruption.

Former Vice President Boakai picked Sen. Koung, standard bearer of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) last Friday, April 28th as his running mate, ahead of the October 10 presidential and general elections.

The MDR is the architect of Senator Prince Johnson, who singlehandedly picked Koung to lead the party after withdrawing support from President George Weah.  

However, Madam Gongloe-Ware quotes Senator Johnson once describing Koung as someone, who is too desperate in taking public money.

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According to her, she recalled telling Ambassador Boakai during a visit to the United States that his choice of running mate would determine his political direction.

“On national radio, he said he will pick somebody who will mirror his character and values. Ambassador Boakai’s pick is Ambassador Boakai’s choice; show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”, she notes.

But MDR vice chairman for press and propaganda, Kelvin Matadi, who called on the live talk show from Nimba County, frowned at Madam Gongloe-Ware’s characterization of Sen. Koung.

He says the MDR marriage or collaboration with the Unity Party for the pending elections is a “Nimba Project” hence, Edith being a citizen of Nimba, shouldn’t be the one to come to the public and talk about Koung as if he was ever indicted, reminding the former county superintendent herself that there were issues raised about her administration while serving in government but she was never indicted.        

Former vice president Boakai defends his choice of running mate, saying that he was not searching for a sinless angel but a real human being with imperfection – rather one who understands that life is not about self.

Lifting Koung’s hand as his running mate before a cheering crowd at the UP headquarters in Monrovia last Friday, Amb. Boakai remarked: ” Today, after several years, months, weeks, and days of intensive consultations, alignments, realignments, vetting, and soul-searching, we have come to announce RESCUE TWO, our Partner for the ensuing October 10, 2023, Presidential Elections in our mission to rescue Liberia.”

“We both come from a struggling and working-class background. We both rose by our bootstraps and demonstrated how courage and vision can lead to success even where adversity was evident. The Man I have chosen, like me, has the resilience, commitment, and love for country,” he said of Koung. Story by Jonathan Browne

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  1. Haha JNB! “I’m nt corrupt but I always share D same values wt D “Ways & Means” people from the Liberian Nat’l Legislature” (a.k.a. Budget Mafias). Nuquay (2017) & Koung (2023). Uncle Joe mehn, back-to-back selection of Budget Mafias from the Legislature? U say mere coincidence?

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