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How To Master Your Destiny – Part 2

The Apostles were poor and ignorant men, yet nevertheless, they gave to the world a religion the like of which has never been known in history. Joan of ARC was an ignorant person who could neither read nor write, yet she led the armies of France to victory and save her country. The pages of history are filled with names of poor and ignorant men who thought great thoughts and who used their imagination to overcome difficult circumstances and raise them above their contemporaries.

Napoleon like Abraham Lincoln came from a poor and lowly family. Even when he was a captain in the artillery, and was posted to India, he was so poor that he could not afford to buy his uniform, were this not so, the history of the world might have been different. The world of industry and finance is filled with successful people who have had but rudimentary educations. It was only after having made many millions of dollars that Andrew Carnegie employed a tutor to educate him.

You can be sure that it is not an education you need to succeed, most certainly an education is a help, but it is God’s great gift that is essential, and this great gift is creative imagination. You possess this gift, use it! Take advantage of every thought which enters your mind and make it work for you but as they should be. Make your thoughts real, alive, and interesting. Do not just dream, create! Then use your imagination and make your creation a benefit to humanity and to you as well.

Look, the difference between a successful man and one who is a failure is not a matter of education or intelligence. It is not a question of opportunity or luck either. It is simply a difference in outlook, or point of view. When the successful man sees an opportunity, he/she takes advantage of it, and it would never occur to him that he/she could fail. He/she simply recognized the opportunity, he/she visualized what could be done with it, and then he/she brings to the fore all of his/her powers both interior and exterior, to bring about a successful conclusion. The man who failed may have seen the same opportunity, and he may have hoped for a chance t avail himself of it, but lacking self-confidence, he feared of failure; and while he was lost forever. Almost everybody can look back and say; if I had taken advantage of that opportunity, I would have been better off today. Whatever you fail to do for yourself, nobody will ever do it for you. Act!

Finally, once you understand that your future is of your own making, and it is not subject to the caprices of destiny or luck, you will never say those words again. There is only one universal mind, and this mind contain only good. Its’ ideas are numerous as the grains of sand on seashore, and those ideas contain all wealth, all powers and all happiness. You have only to create a vivid image of what you want in your subconscious mind and power of the universal mind will your image into being. To create your future, you have to pay attention to the experience you understand that you have the right to possess; you will then be the master of your own future and destiny. Be a positive thinker. Understand further that you resemble nobody besides yourself. You are yourself! If you do not move, nothing will ever move. You hold the key to your own glory and happiness.

Imagination and creativity move the world. Be a positive thinker!

J. Benedict Lewis is a community development and strategic project management expert as well as an inspirational and motivational lecturer and a researcher. 0886642073/0776017204 or through email: Jblewis66@yahoo.com.

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