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Why I’m not yet celebrating bigly

Jonathan Paye-Layleh writes:

I feel relieved. But I haven’t really been celebrating much since the Nov. 14 election victory, even though I was a well-known campaigner for the Boakai-Koung ticket. 

For me the real celebration will come when the Boakai government takes over and sees the economy in a very good or reasonably good shape, where monies spent on projects over the last six years are properly accounted for, where there are no traces of overtime and last minute questionable financial transactions by the outgoing regime and there is a clearly-defined turnover note explaining all the transactions. The real celebration will come when the soon-to-be set up transitional team reports that the outgoing government is leaving a better payroll structure and a better expenditure portfolio than those of the Ellen Sirleaf government. I will celebrate if the outgoing government settled most of our domestic debts and that the salaries of employees were not left in arears. Indeed, I will celebrate if the outgoing government left more money in our Central Bank reserve than what it saw there on assuming power.

I will celebrate when newly appointed officials go to take  office and the records and reports they see of their predecessors are correct and acceptable.

More importantly, I will celebrate when the new government starts to introduce meaningful reforms to change things around in a bid to make the long sought-after difference .


Already, I’ve given the incoming government my first batch of  suggestions highlighting  some of the  areas in which, in my opinion, they need to make some early interventions in order to start bringing relief to the virtually strangled population. 

I think placing a suggestion box at every public place,  encouraging people to speak out and stay away from this culture of silence, is one way of getting the public involved in decisions that affect them. I SUBMIT. 

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