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I cut his penis in self-defense

-defendant Miatta Sesay explains 

A 22-year-old woman who allegedly slashed a piece of her estrange boyfriend’s penis in Felela, Bong County last month has spoken to the press for the first time, admitting to the act, but said it was done in self-defense because his boyfriend attempted to rape her.

Miatta Sesay allegedly chopped the penis of her 21-year-old boyfriend George N. Bainda on Sunday, May 1, 2016 after he terminated their relationship, accusing her for alleged misbehavior and sexual unfaithfulness.

George claimed Miatta Sesay committed the act at a creek where he had gone to shower. He also told this paper subsequently the court ordered Miatta detained for time indefinite, pending his recuperation. George is now able to wear his pants and move about freely.

Following the alleged attack, he was rescued and rushed to the Phebe Hospital in Suakoko outside Gbarnga for medication and subsequently discharged. Narrating her side of the story to this paper in Miatta Town, Felela, Salala District, lower Bong County recently, Miatta said after they ended the relationship, she was in her bedroom at her parent’s house when she heard sound on her window only to discover it was George.

Continuing, she said when she inquired from him what he was doing at her window after quitting his relationship with her, George answered that he had something to tell her so she instructed him to pass to the front door where her parents will see him and know that he was there to see their one-and-half year-old son, but he allegedly refused and jumped thru the window into her bedroom, insisting that he had something important to tell her.

Miatta said she refused to listen to him and asked him to use the front door so her parents could be aware George had come to see her for a reason. According to her, the victim refused so she asked why he wanted to see her. “No seeing business between me and you. You already say that you na want me so no seeing business between me and you”, Miatta said she told George.

She said George took it for joke and decided to undress, remarking “Wait let me take off my trousers because you just feel I playing fun.” She said by then she was folding her clothes and also decided to carry their little son out of the room because he was crying but George prevented her from going out and demanded sex, something which according to her, she declined.

However, she out of a sudden, George allegedly pushed her on the bed where she dropped and he immediately assaulted her sexually. Miatta said while this was going on, pulled out a knife that she uses to slash plantains for sale from a tub very close to her and cut him on his penis in self-defense.

She said after cutting his penis, the victim used the same window and went out for rescue. She however denied earlier allegations by George and his family that she previously threatened to harm him if he terminated the relationship with her.

According to her, the court released her after it was discovered George lied on her, adding that she and George’s family are enmity now in the village. Meanwhile, on June 3, George expressed surprise about Miatta’s release from prison when he has not gone back to the court to declare he was healed from his injury inflicted on him by the accused in line with earlier agreement.

According to him, his father is also angry with the court about the decision to set the accused free without knowledge of the family or his son. Defendant Miatta Sesay was sentenced recently to the Jorpolue Prison Center in Bong County, pending her victim George N. Bainda’s total recuperation from his injury. The Court is in Salala town.

Editing by Jonathan Browne

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